Who Is Wim Hoff and Why is He Famous? – Film Daily

Wim Hof, or ‘The Iceman’, is a Dutch world record holder and extreme athlete. He has gained fame for his ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures through ice therapy and breathwork — feats that have earned him numerous Guinness World Records. Over the years, Wim Hoff’s methods of controlling body temperature in order to endure … Read more

Is Luthen Rael a Secret Jedi?

We’ve generally avoided too many Star Wars theories with Andor because it’s just not the kind of show that’s all about hidden connections and wild Easter eggs. But a ScreenCrush YouTube viewer sent us a theory that was so intriguing we had to discuss it. The theory goes something like this: Luthen Rael, Cassian Andor’s secret … Read more

Abeni Nazeer- The Self-Made Film Director – Film Daily

Abeni Nazeer is a self-made film director from Baltimore, Maryland. Coming from a politically conscious and artistic upbringing, Nazeer embedded herself in peer-to-peer organizations, using art and media as a tool to create positive mental health and social change. Nazeer grew in the program from a student into a teacher where she taught media production. … Read more

All 112 Titles Coming to Netflix in December

It feels like we post the same thing every month: Netflix has a lot of new movies and shows! Dozens of originals! More content than it is physically possible to consume in the span of 30 days! But it’s true: Netflix does have a ton of stuff to watch in December. The highlights include some potential … Read more

2023 Independent Spirit Award Nominations have been announced

The industry alternative to the Academy Awards is over the horizon. The Independent Spirit Awards has just released their announcements for nominations on Tuesday morning. The 2023 nominations were announced via live stream on YouTube by Taylour Paige and Raúl Castillo on the Film Independent channel. The Spirit Awards increased their budget cap for eligible … Read more