‘Ted Lasso’ Announces Season 3 Return

After winning back-to-back Emmys for Best Comedy Series, Ted Lasso is coming back for the hat trick. (Wait, hat trick, that’s hockey. What’s a hat trick in soccer? A turkey? No, that’s bowling. Eh, I give up.) The much-anticipated third season of Ted Lasso will premiere soon, Apple announced this week. The series hasn’t been seen since the … Read more

Why You Need A Dedicated Bigcommerce SEO Agency To Grow Your Business – Film Daily

Digital marketing has revolutionalised business from all perspectives. Industries, companies and stores are finding it easy to reach customers through the internet. Brands are promoting their products, and small and medium-scale businesses are transforming themselves into brands by strengthening their online presence in the market. Platforms like BigCommerce have helped them to increase their reach … Read more

Lo’ak will be replacing Jake Sully as the narrator

James Cameron has revealed that Jake Sully and Neytiri’s son Lo’ak will be replacing his father as narrator on Avatar 3 The character Jake Sully has been the narrator of both the first Avatar (watch it HERE) and the sequel Avatar: The Way of Water (read our review HERE), but now franchise mastermind James Cameron has … Read more

What Happens In the Cult Hit

It’s the new cult horror hit that everyone is talking about: Skinamarink. Shot for a budget of just $15,000 by writer and director Kyle Edward Ball, this low budget scarefest follows two children as they awaken in the middle of the night to discover their father is missing, along with all of their house’s windows and doors. … Read more

Who killed Jeffrey Epstein? Was it any of the celebs who visited his island? – Film Daily

Was Jeffrey Epstein killed, committed suicide, or was it all a staging to escape from prison? As you might know, Jeffrey Epstein was related to several powerful public figures, such as Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Woody Allen. Seriously, Epstein was related to numerous figures with sexual assault demands, but have they killed … Read more

‘Tron 3’ Is Finally Happening With Jared Leto

It took 28 years to get Tron: Legacy after the first Tron. So only taking 13 to 15 years for a Tron 3, that’s like nothing! Fans who have been waiting since 2010 for a third Tron film might finally be getting their wish. It looks like the project, which has been teased off and on since Tron: Legacy was released, … Read more