What is the Current Status of Showbox After Shut down?

What is the Current Status of Showbox After Shut down?

This tiny blog post may help you about Showbox’s status. Is Showbox down right now? My answer is NO. If you think still Showbox is not working then write your answer with “YES” in the comment box.

On December 5th, suddenly the Showbox has stopped working and many websites are reports that it is shut down and their service is no longer available. Everybody got shocked, even me also.

You can also see what happened to Showbox and what was the main reason.

After a few days (Dec, 7) Showbox has released the new version 5.24, back to work and starts its service as usual.


People these days are shouting on social media about its shut down. But, no ones knows the truth.

There are many shouters online but few of them I listed below.




The good news starts from this twitter post…


Will Using Showbox causes any risk?

As per the reports, the first featured website(showboxappdownload.com) has released one scary note, you can see from the below screenshot. The main aim of this website is “People should be aware of Showbox, it is not a legitimate app and there are many problems using it”.

Showbox Note

When we talk about its legality and safety, there is no doubt because it is an illegal app. There are a few options available to be safe with Showbox by using any VPN service. Read more.

I personally don’t recommend such a apps because Movie studios spending lots of money to make a film or other. We respect their work. Use the Showbox app is at your own risk.


Showbox fans are still struggling to understand the current situation official developers and movie studios. Recently, Terrium TV completely shut down its service so people start fear about Showbox now. If you have any thoughts about Showbox status then please comment below.

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