What Happened to Showbox – Is Showbox Still Down in 2020?

What Happened to Showbox – Is Showbox Still Down in 2020 {updated)


There is no better place to watch the movies and tv shows than Showbox. But if you are a regular user of Showbox then you might have observed that it stopped working. There was a huge drama for Showbox last December. To know more keep reading.

Everything started in the November End When user of Showbox found out that the app was not serving any content, everybody including me thought it was a bug or a glitch. But this issue continued for more than a week.

What happened to the Showbox app and will it make a comeback in 2020?

Then there was a tweet from a user of Showbox posted that he has learned from the developers that the app has been shutdown. All the users were devastated. Then after 2 or 3 days Users started claiming that the Showbox is up again and was functional only for few hours, this behaviour happened few times.

Along with The official website of the Showbox started promoted the below which summarises that the use of this application is illigal and the movie studios are monitoring the IP addresses of the users who are watching licensed content and can sue them.

What happened to the Showbox App?

On 4th December Showbox posted in twitter that all the services are started working again with the new update of Showbox but you have to download it from third party website.

On 7th December they have tweeted stating that the application is still under the legal Issues.

Is Showbox Still Down?

To summerise everything Showbox service is working through the update which you need to download from the third party and they are facing Legal issues, I would say try to avoid using Showbox for some time since it has been closely monitored by the lots of Movie Studios to sue the users as well as Showbox developers. You can always watch from licensed streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc. But if you still wanted to use the Showbox then you can use it with the new Showbox 5.24 update at your own risk.

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