Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 – Download (Online Free Streaming)

Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 – Download (Online Free Streaming)

Everyone is so excited for GOT. The final season is here – Season 8 and it has brought all the craze, excitement and fans with it. The Game of Thrones season 8, episode 1 had no real surprises. The Queen Danaerys’s army came to Winterfell, and met the Northerners. Jon Snow finally came to know that he is not a bastard after all. The story went ahead.

Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 - Download (Online Free Streaming)

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How to watch GOT (Game of thrones) Season 8 Episode 2 Online (Free Streaming & Download)

You can watch GOT on hotstar, and HBO. This season is coming up with all the surprise, and going to answer all the questions the fans have. If you are looking to save a few dollars on hotstar subscription, we have a good news for you. If you are a new user then you can subscribe to hotstar and get one month fully free subscription. GOT is also available on Hulu and amazon prime video.

You can also download the episode 2 of season finale with hotstar app.

Expected Outcomes/ Fan theories expected in this Episode

So What will Happen in GOT Season 8 Episode 2?

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How littlefinger might be still alive?

Why? I mean can you believe THE Lord Petyr Baelish dying in winterfell, getting executed by 3 stark kids crying and pleading for life. It is the weakest death scene of GOT and also a very unbelievable and ridiculous one for such a smart and most powerful man in westeros. I mean, From Robert’s Rebellion against The Mad King to starting the conflict between Starks and Lannisters by poisoning Jon arryn and blaming it on the Lannisters, then marrying Cat’s sister and becoming the Lord of Vale and the Joffrey’s poisoning, we are talking about the man who has been involved in every major event in the last 20 years of “Game of Thrones” history.

Cue 1: Brandon’s conversation with LittleFinger where he(Brandon) repeats the warning once LittleFinger gave in King’s Landing to Varys in Season 3: Chaos isn’t a pit, Chaos is a ladder.

The conversation hits off when Bran asks “Do you know whose dagger is this to Baelish when he gifts him a valerian steel dagger.”

“No. That very question was what started the War of the Five Kings,” Littlefinger replied. “In a way, that dagger made you what you are today. Forced from your home, driven out to the wilds beyond the Wall…To go through all of that and make your way home again only to find such chaos in the world, I can only imagine—”

“Chaos is a ladder,” Bran interrupted.

LittleFinger instantly knew, because bran is a three-eyed raven and he returned from beyond the wall, knowing what has happened and what is still happening, so Bran is aware of everything thing Bealish did and is a threat to littleFinger himself and more than enough to get him executed in Winterfell, being in winterfell because he is also trueborn heir of Ned Stark and Lord of winterfell.

Cue 2: In episode 5 of Season 7 baelish’s plan was just not to trick Arya and turn her against Sansa to find the letter but to buy his time of life from the God of Death by paying an invaluable price. You can see Baelish talking to a blonde girl who is actually a faceless man, who whispers in his ear “Your Time is Up”. At that moment, baelish pays an Iron coin (Similar coin was given to Arya by Jaqen H’ghar which was claimed to be precious and was used by her to reach braavos for learning to be a faceless man) which is precious enough to buy him life and pay the price to the God of death for buying his life. Hence, it was a faceless man who died in the place of LittleFinger when he was beheaded.

Now, you are going to ask me, GIIIIRL, I don’t think faceless man can take up the face of a living person, they need a dead face to become someone. Hahaha, GOTCHA.

Let’s go back to season 5 episode 10, Mother’s Mercy, Arya sees her own face on the faceless man when Jaqen H’ghar drinks poison and says “Only life can pay for life”, which means if the price is paid in full a faceless man can also take up face of a living person just not the dead.

Last and Final Cue: Sansa in the season finale of Season 7 tells LittleFinger how Arya is one of the faceless men now and they all are murderers, to which Petyr smiles like anything in disbelief because he knows what faceless men are and how they work.


BECAUSE HIS GREAT GRANDFATHER IS FROM BRAAVOS and he is well aware of his heritage, You have to accept that there is something in petyr’s upbringing that made his so smart and from somewhere he learned to be and play what he is and the game he plays, what is better than braavos for all of this?

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