How to Download and Install Vudu apk on android Firestick/Fire TV [2021]

In this era of hectic work routines, it is not that easy to spare some time for cinema to make yourself cheerful. So thanks to internet and movies providers like netflix and vudu app where you can watch movies but they charge fees for the whole month or sometimes as per number of movie subscriptions, and all you watch a movie for a day or two in the month. This is unfair, Right? But with the VUDU app by Walmat, you have to pay for the video or the TV show that you want to watch. Don’t believe me? Check out for yourself; there are no membership fees or hidden charges.

vudu apk for android and ios

The best part of Vudu movie rental is its cross-platform support. Now you can watch HD movies and your favorite TV shows not only on your iPhone but also on TV, smart TV, Android devices, and even on Apple devices. All you have to do is to download and install the VUDU app, and you are good to go. You can watch movies and TV shows wherever you want, whenever you want. VUDU apk app lets you view the latest videos and TV series much before than any other paid or free movies/song provider platforms. Unlike others, you can also download movies and TV shows and then watch them offline. This is one of my favorite features, as I keep on traveling.

So, why should you use the VUDU app instead of some popular video streaming apps? Here are some significant features that why should you prefer the VUDU app over other streaming apps.

Main features of Vudu App:

  1. Watch HD movies- You can watch HD and even 4k movies and TV shows on the VUDU app for Mac.
  2. Dolby Vision HDR- Dolby Atmos audio on select devices so you can have the Cinema level audio experience for your favorite movies.
  3. VUDU app tv has a massive collection of latest and famous old and new movies. Just by installing the VUDU app, you would have access to more than 10,000 Movies and TV shows right in your pocket.
  4. Decide which movie you want to watch, and you would have to pay for that movie only.
  5. You can download the movies in maximum resolution and with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio on select devices. Video quality can be peaked up to 4k.
  6. Free movies- Yes, you read that right. You can watch hundreds and thousands of videos for free on the VUDU app live. All you have to do is to watch commercials with the movie. It is like your regular TV, so no need to panic.
  7. Do you want a movie that you just rented or bought to be converted into a digital copy? Now you can do it. VUDU app comes with a built-in feature of the disk to digital scan. You must have the necessary hardware, and then you can copy the movie from the CD and can watch them anywhere on your PhonePhone or other devices.
  8. VUDU app comes with Google Chromecast support, so you don’t have to watch movies on a smaller phone screen, you can watch on any big screen device like TV.
  9. More collection that what you think- Imagine what you can, but you can find much more on the VUDU app to watch.
  10. People trust the app- on Google play store, you can see the number of positive responses under the app details. People love it.

vudu tv app for all ages

Top 7 reasons why you’ll love Vudu:


A movie library on your phone? Vudu makes it all possible. All your movies and TV shows can now be found on your phone, and yes, even the brand new ones! Our library can also keep you busy for ages: with over 100,000 movies and shows, the possibility to link your Disney Movies Anywhere account, and new ones coming out every month, you’ll always have something to enjoy.


Stream, rent, or own? Download and watch offline? Do you want to pay? You get to decide exactly how you want to watch your TV shows and movies.


Movies, for free. (Really.) With Movies On Us, a Vudu exclusive, you can watch thousands of movies with limited and short commercials, and not have to pay.


If you buy or rent a movie or a TV show, Vudu lets you download it on your phone. Enjoy your library offline! And forget about buffering: you won’t depend on a flimsy Wi-Fi signal to stream anymore.


Only pay for what you want to watch. Don’t pay for a catalogue of shows you don’t want to watch: get only what you want.


You already own a physical copy of a movie? With Disc to Digital, scan a UPC and convert hard copies into digital format in one click only. Download what you own and enjoy your movies offline.


Vudu is supported by Google Chromecast. That’s right, you don’t have to limit yourself to your phone screen: go big and watch your new movie on your home TV set.

What is the best alternative of VUDU APP

basicall it all depends on user choice and ease of use. But if you are looking 100% free subscription to thousands of movies the you may try showbox apk and you can download it from following download option.

How to install the VUDU app on Pc?

You may be thinking that it is an app, and you cannot install on your Pc, but you can do that using a couple of methods. In this guide, you will get to know the exact way to install the VUDU app on your Windows Pc, and then you can enjoy the Video, Movies and TV shows on your Pc. Just follow the steps below.

  • It will take a while, and your app will be installed.
  • Now you can make an account with the app.
  • After making the account, you can watch, rent, or purchase movies.

How to install the VUDU app on Android?

No matter what Android device you are handling, you can install the VUDU app on Android using the following method.

  • Go to Google play store in your mobile Phone.
  • Search for the VUDU app.
  • Spot the app, download and install it.
  • After installation, you can either watch free movies and shows directly, or you can make an account to purchase or rent movies.
  • Navigate through the categories, and you can find some fantastic movies to watch this weekend.
  • if you still unable to find the vudu app on play store here is the download link.


  1. First, you need download vudu APK file from above download option and save downloaded file to an easy-to-find location/folder on your android device.
  2. Before you can install it on your phone you will need to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device.
  3. To allow 3rd party apps first you need to Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  4. Newer versions of Android do things a little differently. Rather than check a global setting to allow installation from unknown sources, you’ll be prompted to allow your browser or file manager to install APKs the first time you attempt to do so.

How to install the VUDU app on iOS.

Are you an iPhone user? Well, you can use the VUDU app on your iPhone too. More precisely, you can use the app in any iOS device, whether it is an iPhone or iPad. Here is the procedure to download and install the VUDU app.

  • On your iOS device, go to the Apple App Store.
  • Search for the VUDU app or click here.
  • For Apple TV, you have to install the app there.
  • Once installed, you can start watching movies for free.
  • You can also purchase or rent movies. No ads will be shown during the film if you have bought or rented the movie or any TV show.

Here is how the VUDU app looks on different iOS devices. I like to watch it on the iPad. It is more convenient and fun.

How to install the VUDU app on Mac?

You cannot directly download and watch movies on the VUDU app on your Mac. But you can always use Apple TV to connect to your Mac to watch movies on the VUDU app.

How to install the VUDU app on Any TV?

Well, you cannot watch any TV, but you can use that on a smart TV. Fortunately, the VUDU app easily integrates with Google Chromecast; thus, you can connect chromecast to any smart TV and can enjoy your movies and TV shows.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1.Is the VUDU app free?

Ans: Yes! VUDU app is Free to download and install. You can also watch movies for free. But if you want to remove ads, you have to purchase the movie, or you can also take it on rent.

Q2. How much does VUDU cost per month?

Ans: There are no monthly fees for the VUDU app. You have to pay the fees only when you are willing to purchase a movie or TV show to watch and download. That is also too low. You can buy a movie from $2.99 – $24.99. Rental prices are even lower.

Q3. How do I download VUDU? 

Ans: You can download the VUDU app from the App store of your platform. To download on Android, download from Google Play store. Use the Apple app store for Apple and Microsoft store for your Pc.

Q4. How do I stream VUDU from my PhonePhone to my TV? 

Ans: You can stream VUDU from your PhonePhone to your TV using Google Chromecast. Just connect the Google chromecast to your smart TV, and you are good to go.

Q5. Is there a monthly charge for VUDU?

Ans: No, There is no monthly charge for VUDU. You have to pay for what you watch or purchase. So, no tension of monthly subscription.

Q6. Is VUDU worth it?

Ans: Well, that depends on you. If you hate piracy and want to purchase the original content, then it is worth it. Plus, it does not require any monthly fees.

Q7. Which is better Netflix or VUDU?

Ans: If you are a busy person and watch movies only once a month or week, then the VUDU app is for you. Because Netflix charge your $7.99 for the whole month, no matter if you use it or not, but if you are a movie type of person, then Netflix is better for you as you cannot purchase movies daily.

Q8. Are there free movies on VUDU?

Ans: Yes, there is a massive collection of free movies on the VUDU app, and you can watch that along with short ad breaks like a TV experience.

Q9. Who is VUDU owned by? 

Ans: Walmart owns VUDU. Walmart repurchased VUDU in 2010 and operating it since then.

Q10: Can you watch live TV on VUDU?

Ans: No, but you can watch all the VUDU app content on your TV by using Chromecast. You can also directly download the VUDU app on your Apple TV.


You may ask why I should move to the VUDU app from Netflix. There are a few reasons for that. VUDU app has UHD and 4k movies, and it also has the latest movies that you can’t on Netflix. Moreover, you have to pay for the movie or show that you want to watch. For more features, please read the features section above.

On the other hand, if you are a movie freak and watch movies all the time, then you can also watch videos for free on the VUDU app, but the collection is limited. So, in this case, Netflix is a better option for you. Get your VUDU app now, on any platform, and start enjoying movies and TV shows.

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