How to use Show box and Roku together

Gone are the days when people were using cable network connection in order to watch different kinds of channels on the television in an easy way. It is a known fact that the modern-day applications are available in plenty which can be used in order to watch movies and TV shows without paying a dime in an effective way. The traditional TV Network comes with a series of advertisements or commercials while broadcasting a movie which plays a crucial role for Corporate to make money by showing unwanted content. Most of the younger generation people prefer watching a TV show or a movie without having disturbed by the commercial advertisement because of obvious reasons.


It is important for every individual to consider using advanced technology options in order to enjoy a better future without compromising on the cost from time to time. It is widely suggested to check for the right kind of Technology which plays a crucial role for people to save an ample amount of resources and money in an easy way. There are Differing kinds of devices available in the market which can be kept in order to watch movies directly or TV channels without affecting the budget or quality in an effective way. There are Different kinds of applications available in the market which can be together in order to watch movies or TV channel or series without having hassles from commercials in an easy way.


Show box and Roku


Show box is one of the popular applications which can be used in order to watch TV channels series and movies without compromising on the quality of budget in an effective way. It is widely suggested for people to check and compare various options in the show box application in order to take maximum mileage of the features in an easy way. Show box is a normal application which has been designed in order to offer various kinds of movies and TV shows to watch for the consumer without paying a dime. As most of the people prefer watching movies or TV series on a big screen it is evident that you will need a Roku device in order to connect the same trading options on a big screen in an effective way.


There are plenty of options available in the market which can be used in order to connect the phone to the computer in an easy way. Roku is a device which has been used in different parts of the world in order to use the application to watch under the entertainment from time to time. Roku is considered as one of the important and quality options which can be used in order to cast the content from the mobile phone to the TV or a large screen in a quick span of time. Roku is a popular among current generation youth because the options have been made easier over a period of time to enhance consumer experience in time to time.

How to Use Show box and Roku


As mentioned earlier, Roku is a device, which is made specifically to use the Show box application and does not entertain any kind of third party installation.


  • Look for Show box application on the android mobile phone and install it properly
  • Check for Roku connection by looking for an app called CAST TO ROKU
  • Download any of the best application found in the results with the help of ratings and downloads
  • Connect Show box application and Roku app to the same WIFI network
  • After connecting both the devices, set the process perfectly to enjoy flawless streaming
  • Enable screen mirroring option by going to the settings tab and clicking on System.
  • Now, Open casting app on the mobile phone and look out for ROKU device from a list of options like Netflix, Hulu and so on
  • Find a Roku device and select the right option to connect the phone.
  • After successfully casting the device, you can see the mobile screen on a large screen or a TV
  • Now, Open show box app and play your desired or favourite movie, which can be watched on the big screen without hassles.


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