Best ShowBox Alternatives: Top Streaming Apps List

Best ShowBox Alternatives: Streaming Apps List


Showbox is one of the most popular Android applications for film streaming and TV shows for free and in HD. The app is simply better than most streaming apps available in terms of providing users with tons of varied, high-definition content. However, Showbox has not been stable at lately, and sometimes the app is not full function.

For this reason and the fact that each streaming app has its flaws, it is wise to look for alternatives. We carefully go through most of the movie and TV show streaming apps and have come up with a list of the best ShowBox alternatives. These apps can be easily installed on your Android smartphone or side-loaded on your Amazon Firestick.

Caution: beware of copyright infringement

The Showbox website clearly states that “Show Box is NOT a legitimate software application for viewing copyrighted movies.” This means that the content you find on Showbox or most of The application listed here does not belong to the application developer; Therefore, its consumption is a violation of the law. Since your ISP, governments, and copyright protection agencies can always obtain the logs of your viewing activities, you can easily be sued for copyright infringement.

Looking at the content on the showbox or alternative is a big risk.

You should never flow anything without a personal and safe VPN like ExpressVPN . The VPN will encrypt your traffic and route it securely to a private server of your choice. In this way, your ISP can no longer see your activities, also cannot get the government or other third parties.

We recommend ExpressVPN because it is the most reliable VPN at the moment and keeps zero logs of your activities . VPN is also safe and fast enough to allow you to flow in HD without buffering problems.

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The best alternatives to ShowBox

Below is a list of applications: the best alternatives to ShowBox; that can give you the same or even better experience. The apps listed here allow you to watch almost any of the popular movies and TV shows.

1 cinema

Cinema apk is another excellent alternative showbox, and is very similar to showbox; Therefore, it is placed in the first position in the best alternative list for Showbox. The apps work seamlessly, and with them, you can watch tons of HD content without paying a penny. Cinema’s content is updated quite frequently, and you can always find content shortly after its release.

For all videos, many streaming links for variable video quality will be provided to you thanks to high-quality scrappers in the application. You can also integrate Real-Debrid ( visit site ) and ( visit site ) with the app to get the best streaming links and keep track of what you see. Cinema can be installed on your Android phone, Android TV or TV and Amazon Fire TV and Stick.

  1. Popcorn time

Popcorn Time is another must-have app for streaming. This is a BitTorrent Open Source client that has a default media player that can play almost all types of files. This is one of the best platforms for free HD movies, and you can use services on Android, Windows, Linux, and in Chrome browsers.

What makes Popcorn Time one of the best alternatives to ShowBox is its huge library, which is even bigger than Netflix. The service organizes this content into films, series, anime, indie, and genres. You can sort by genre such as actions, comedy, adventure, documentaries, drama, etc. You can also sort based on popularity, trends, added times, rankings, etc. You can also sort by popularity, trend, time added, rating, etc. One thing you will really like about Popcorn Time is that you can watch the latest blockbuster movies shortly after release, at up to 1080p quality.


Kodi is a very popular platform and the favorite streaming platform among cable cutters. It is a very powerful multimedia center for home entertainment, and it helps you organize your content in an excellent way. However, Kodi is known for its ability to stream everything from live TV and sports to the latest movies and series. This is thanks to its integration with thousands of Kodi addons; Hence, it is one of the best alternatives to ShowBox.

With the best-performing Kodi addons, you can watch any movie or TV show you want, and you can even add subtitles. With this application, you can also watch episodes when they live thanks to IPTV capabilities and add-ons. For all of this to be possible, you need to know and install the correct Kodi addons. However, you don’t need to worry because we have a complete Kodi Guide for you. You can use Kodi on Android, Android TV, Windows, IOS, Mac OS X, Linux, Amazon Fire Stick, and Raspberry Pi.


Last but also one of the best alternatives to ShowBox, TVZion is another great streaming app that will allow you to enjoy a wide range of movies and TV shows. The application has a very interesting interface that is also easy to use. On the home page, TV shows are grouped into categories; Recently aired, aired today, popular in 2018, popular in Action and Adventure, Popular in Comedy are some of them. This allows you to easily sort your content and stay up-to-date.

TVZION is also good at extracting the flow from various videos; You can see content at 720p and 1080p. Every time a flow breaks, the application will list it as “failed”, saving it from trial and error. You can also integrate Real-Debrid ( visit site ) to be sure of better streams. TVZion can be installed on your Android device and Amazon Fire TV and Stick.

How to watch movies and TV shows safely

Regardless of which app you choose to install (you can even install multiple apps, they’re free after all!), You’ll need to remain private and secure while streaming. Before you can open the app, follow the procedure below and stay safe .

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  • Download the VPN app for your device from the official website that should have opened after clicking the link above. You can install the application on all your devices, because ExpressVPN allows you to connect to various devices simultaneously.
  • Install the client on your device and enter with the credentials you registered.
  • Connect to a nearby server for the best speeds.

Now, after connection, your internet use will be private and secure. Your ISP can no longer see what you are accessing while on the Internet; then, you can broadcast without worry. You will also be able to enjoy other VPN benefits like unblocking geo-restricted content, bypassing ISP censorship, bypassing bandwidth limitation, and many others.

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