If you are a music geek you must be familiar or rather addicted to Spotify. And even if you are not don’t worry you are just about get your hands on the most addictive and offering app regarding music. Well Spotify is no doubt one of the best music apps where you can get any kind of old or latest song on the go and can keep your playlist always updated with the best music. But with all good things come a price, right? similar Is the case with Spotify.  Although it does offer a free version where you get access to decent amount of songs but that all the Spotify users can tell it is just not enough and how much they miss out on.

The limited buffering, the minimum 6 songs playlist, the unlimited advertisements just ruin all the fun right. And to get access to the full version you need to upgrade to the premium version that might sound expensive to many people out there. But hold on! What if you can find a way to get access to the premium version and that too free? well… today is your lucky day, I guess! Because yes! You can download Spotify premium apk for free on any device that too with out a single penny. So, let’s just get started.

Spotify premium apk free

What is Spotify premium apk?

Before going towards the installation, let’s have a know-how of what Spotify apk actually is and how does it work? it is a version of Spotify application that enables the app users to enjoy all the premium features for free. the features being access to unlimited songs and podcasts, making playlist of your own, sharing your playlist with your friend’s circle on social apps, search the music that feeds your mood anytime and do all this on any gadget of yours. In short, the whole world of music can be twirled around your fingers and that too for free. isn’t this amazing? so without further ado let’s just get to the point and find out how can one install premium apk file on android and mac for free.

How to install Spotify Premium Apk for free On Android

Downloading an app and installing the whole setup and getting it to work can be quite a task for non-technical people but don’t worry. As installing Spotify premium apk has no technicalities attached to it and can be installed by anyone very easily. You just need to follow some simple steps and you are good to go. So, let’s have a step by step detailed look at it.

Step 1:

Download the Apk file from the following link.
Open the download page and click the start download button. Wait for the Apk file to install (it might take a few seconds or a bit longer, so be patient). Once the apk file is downloaded, Open the file that you have just downloaded and move to the second step.

Step 2:

Now in the opened apk file, open the settings option, find allow from this source and click it to turn this option on. After doing this, go back.

Step 3:

Now click on the install button and wait for your download to start.

Step 4:

Once your installation process is completed and the app is installed on your android, open the app. Click on the email button and select the sign-up free option to get registration done. A form will appear requiring your credentials including your name, email, password, date of birth and gender etc. Fill up the complete form accordingly and click the create button to get registered with Spotify.

Always remember not to use an already registered email address as this can cause suspension of previous Spotify account. It is recommended to use a new email id that hasn’t been used previously.

Step 5:

The last step is to select your language in which you want to listen the songs and get updated about. After this click on the next button and that’s it! You are good to go.

Now enjoy unlimited access to unlimited songs all over the world and that too free.
yeah you can thank us later.

How to install Spotify premium apk ++ for free on iOS

So, if you are an iOS (iPhone or iPad) user, Spotify premium apk might not work for you but no need to be worried about it as there is Spotify ++ available to cater the iOS users. Spotify ++ is the same premium version of Spotify for the iOS users that is available for free download. It works the same as apk file, and enables you to enjoy all the premium features of the Spotify without paying anything. The means it’s a key to listen all the latest songs, millions of podcasts and music from all around the world and a lot more (that we will discuss later in the article)

Like the Spotify premium apk download, installing Spotify ++ is also very simple to download and anyone can download it without getting into any hassle. There are a number of ways to download it but let us show you the simplest one to understand and follow.

So, let’s take a look at it step by step.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to open your Safari browser in iOS. After opening the browser, just go to this link from the browser. Once the download page is opened, click on the download button and wait a few seconds till the second page opens up. Now click on the download configure to install the configure file in your iOS. Wait a few seconds for download to complete. Once the downloading process is complete, you will see a pop-up message on your screen. Just close the pop-up screen message and move to the next step.

Step 2:
now go back to your device’s menu and open the settings option. Look for the profile downloaded option. Once you find it, click on it to open it and find Install button. After clicking the install button, it may ask for a password or a passcode, enter the password and click on the next. You may need to hit install again and then one more time to initiate the installation process.

step 3:

after the completion of installation process, close all the tabs and everything. Move back to home screen of your iOS and look for the Appstore. Open Appstore, find Spotify ++ and click the get button next to it to download it on your phone. A pop-up message would appear, hit the install button and sit back.

Step 4:

Here comes the final step. After the Spotify ++ has been downloaded to your iOS, go to settings option of your phone, find general option, go to profiles and approve for the trust of profile of Spotify. That’s it. Now you can enjoy all premium features of Spotify anytime, anywhere and that too free of cost.
yeah! It really was that simple.

How to download Spotify premium apk for Pc for free

Although most of the people prefer listening the songs on their mobiles, tabs etc but there are still a large number of old school people who like to listen songs while doing work from on their pcs and laptops. Well if you are also one of them and want to download Spotify premium apk on your pc or mac this is the right place for you. There is a very simple way of downloading your Spotify premium apk file with few steps process. So, let’s go ahead without further ado.

 Step 1:

Download the Spotify premium apk from this link on your pc or mac.

Step 2:

Open the link and click on the direct download link. Once you click the option a notification bar would pop up. click on the save option and that’s it! you are done. You are good to use the app anytime you like and enjoy all the features to the fullest on your pc or mac.

Other method to install Spotify premium apk on Mac:

If the above mentioned way doesn’t work for you on your windows, well there is no need to get upset as we have an alternate way out. There is another method to install sotify premium apk on your windows or mac that works for literally anyone without any error. Though it looks bit complex and requires some time but there are few  steps one needs to follow just once and then you can enjoy spotify premium for free for unlimited time period . That worths a little pain, no ? so, Let’s have a look how to do it.

Step 1:

Install bluestacks app on  your windows or Mac.

Step 2:

Once bluestacks is installed, download spotify ++ on your pc/mac.

Step 3:

Open the setup file and check the licence agreement to accept it. A few instructions would appear on the screen. Simply follow the shown instructions and move ahead.

Step 4:

After being done with that, open the  Bluestacks app, check the required boxes and hit install. Once it is installed , click on the launch button to run it.

Step 5:

Sign in with your google Account or create a new google account and then sign in with that.

step 6:
now the final step is to drag the spotify++ installed on your pc and drop the file on the bluestacks. Wait for some time and the spotify++ will get installed on your PC/windows/Mac.

And that’s it ! you are done. Now you can enjoy all the spotify premium apk features on your windows or mac free of cost and with all the ease.


Well, a lot of you must be wondering what is there in the premium version of Spotify that makes it so desirable. But if you are regular user of Spotify you must be familiar with the pain of unlimited annoying advertisement that comes time and again. And not just that, the limit of playing only six songs back to back is such a trouble to deal with. Then not being able to search the latest songs, restriction over creating and sharing your playlist makes it literally unbearable for a music geek. But thankfully that’s not the problem which comes with no solution. Spotify premium version is the solution for that. Yeah, the premium version enables you to enjoy all the best features of the Spotify and that is what makes Spotify the most famous platform of the music providers. Let’s have a look on the features in detail.

  • The amazing features being unlimited access to all the new and old songs, browsing all the latest songs and not just that downloading any song you like is the eye catcher of every music lover.
  • Apart from that you can make multiple playlists and can share your playlists with your friends and family on all major social websites.
  • It has the widest collection of music, podcasts, soundtracks, audiobooks and what not. Another major catch of the Spotify premium apk is that it can work in no internet zones too. Yeah you heard it right! No worries of weak internet signals, wifi’s or mobile data’s, because you can save the songs in the offline folder by downloading them and can listen to them later on anywhere anytime without being online connected! Isn’t that simply amazing?
  • That is not it yet, the premium version saves you from those unbearable and annoying advertisements for good. Yeah for good! No more interruption, no more waiting for that cross or skip sign, you can enjoy advertisement free music experience with the Spotify premium version.
  • One of the back draw of the regular free version of the Spotify is the limited number song skipping option, that means you can skip the song only a few times and after that you are left with no other choice than to listen to the song whether its your type or not , you like it or not you have to listen to it. Well, with the premium version that is not the case as it gives you unlimited number of skips, so you can skip any number of songs which you don’t want to listen to. no more comprises, sounds fun right?
  • There is also a drastic difference between the regular free version and the Spotify premium version when it comes to the sound quality of the song. The premium version provides the best sound experience with the 320-kbps bit rate that is the best audio quality and the top feature of the Spotify app.
  • Another user-friendly feature is the minimum storage it consumes. As all the songs, audios, podcast, audiobooks are played directly from the servers and nothing is stored in the device storage until and unless you download the song for offline listening. So, there is absolutely no burden on the device storage at all.
  • Another thing that only premium version enables is the option to shuffle the songs in the playlist and being able to play back your favourite songs again and again. this feature is not available in the regular free version of the Spotify.
  • All the technical geeks out there are aware of the fact that how most apk files requires to root your phone before downloading the apk file but a big plus for the Spotify premium apk file is that it doesn’t require your device to be rooted. Saves the device all the harms and makes the process easy and it works just fine too.
  • The amazing feature that broke all the records of being the top app is the access from all around the world. Yes, the normal regular free version of Spotify is not accessible from all countries of the world but this problem has been resolved by the Spotify premium apk as it provides access to every corner of the globe. So now there is no reason anyone can miss out on the amazing app.
  • Spotify premium apk allows the user to have undisturbed listening experience that means you can keep on listening the song even if you are on the call, or navigating on the mobile or what so ever. Nothing comes between you and the Spotify, literally!

So, now you know the amazing features that Spotify premium apk offers you but hey wait the biggest is yet to come and the final one too.

That is, it is all FREE. yes, we all know how the premium versions are upgraded by paying heavy subscriptions which usually come in the form of monthly or annual plans and you have to pay to get all the perks of the premium versions. But this apk version of Spotify lets you enjoy all the features of the premium Spotify for free. you don’t have to pay for anything, no monthly or yearly subscriptions, no download charges nothing at all. All you have to do is install the Spotify premium apk on your device once, be it your android phone, tablet, iOS iPhone, laptop, pc or mac, just install the app and the apk file and you are good to go forever.


it is very natural to have concerns about the things you are just going to install and sometimes it becomes very difficult to get your questions responded to. Here in this FAQ section we have tried to answer as many questions as possible that people frequently ask so that you can get your head clear of all the confusions and concerns. Read the underneath section to get your answers.

  • Is it legal to install Spotify premium apk free?

Well, by law and ethics it is illegal and unlawful to download Spotify premium apk free and in case detected it can result in the suspension of the user account by Spotify forever and you might never be able to activate it back. However, there are few ways that provide the user the security like streaming the Spotify through some proxy network or by VPN that doesn’t allow the detection of the original address. There are no risks and it is secure to use the Spotify premium apk but anyone it is recommended to install a good antivirus in the system and that’s it! nothing to be worried about that.

  • Why the Error occurs in log in even after entering all credentials correctly?

This could happen because of a number of reasons and there are a number of things that can be done and checked to solve the problem. Firstly, delete the Spotify app that you have downloaded from the Appstore of your device (if you have downloaded it previously and still have it on your device). Then go to your device’s memory storage and delete all the cache memory of the Spotify app. While making an account in Spotify premium apk always use a new email and avoid using the previously used email address as this can cause log in problems. If doing this also doesn’t solve the problem then try streaming the Spotify premium apk through some proxy network or VPN. This would solve the problem of log in errors and would help you sign up easily.

  • is it mandatory to provide authentic original credentials for signing up with Spotify?

It is not mandatory to provide any original and authentic credentials while signing up. You just need to have a valid email address and a strong password so that your account is secure from any kind of threats. That’s it! Rest is totally up to you whether you want to go with the original credentials or just the self-created ones.

So, with this I conclude the article. I hope it now you know all about the Spotify premium apk free download, its perks, all the special features it offers, how to get it installed on your android, pc or iOS, and all the other queries you had in your mind would be cleared by now. So, the next left is just pick up your device and download it as soon as possible.

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