How to Install Showbox on Roku TV [updated]-Showbox apk 2020

You’ve a Roku TV, Correct? Be creative and modify how you stream to improve the quality of the stream.

If you’re eager to stream all of the Showbox stuff in your Roku TV, then you need to follow my points correctly. Installing ShowBox on Roku isn’t a tedious procedure and hard. You can achieve it by following a few basic steps.

installation of showbox on roku tv

How to stream ShowBox Apk movies, trailers and TV shows on Roku?


  • Before we begin about showbox for roku be sure your Roku TV and Android set are linked to the same Wi-Fi network. If not attached to the same network, then disconnect and continue to link to one network. This is mandatory once you’re using a dual-band wireless router.
  • Now, proceed to Roku TV and turn on the “Screen Mirror”.
  • Now go to “Navigation Panel” and look for the “Cast” feature tab to set a link between your Android set and Roku TV. If it’s displayed on the display, tap to pair.
  • Wait for some time till you see android set screen cast on Roku Tv.
  • Now you are ready to watch free movies online.

showbox apk on roku

Addon ShowBox app on Roku TV using All Screen app

You may be looking for answer that how to get showbox on roku

  • First, join your Roku TV and Android set to the same network.
  • Now visit Google Play Store from your android set and search for All Screen app.
  • Click to install it on your Android set.
  • It requires a while to complete. Wait patiently, until the installation finishes. Then, choose OPEN to start the All Screen app.
  • All Screen app automatically searches for devices as soon as you open it. If the device is available to connect, it’ll be displayed on the screen. You can choose to pair.
  • Subsequently, add channels on Roku TV and choose OK.
  • Now, download the most recent version of ShowBox apk in your own Android set from here.
  • After the ShowBox app is downloaded, tap to start and set up ShowBox.
  • If the setup finishes, choose OPEN.
  • Open the ShowBox app, go to movies or Television shows selections and then choose your favourite movies or TV shows.
  • I pick movies and tap the “The Great Wall” movie to see online.
  • Choose your video resolution formats such as 360p or 480p or 720p. And choose Watch Now.
  • Now a brand new pop-up window appears which shows you a few settings choice. There, choose Other Player and select Other Player.
  • Now shut the window.
  • You’ll be requested to pick the participant which you want to stream ShowBox movies.
  • Choose “Open with All Screen app”.
  • Now your Roku TV begins receiving the information from your Android set.

Now, Enjoy your favourite movies on the Roku TV in the ShowBox app.

Frequently Asked Questions About ShowBox on Roku

Can I download Showbox on Roku?

You can‘t install Showbox on Roku, so you will need a little help in form of an Android device. You will cast Showbox content from your Android device to your Roku TV. You will also need a screencasting app from Google Play store and here is the link of the app.

How can I watch Showbox on my Roku?

You can’t install third-party apps directly on Roku. The way to bypass this problem is to cast apps like Showbox from your Android phone or tablet. Here is how:

  1. Connect your Roku and your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network. Make sure you installed and updated all the apps you need on the Android side.
  2. Browse the Settings menu in Roku and choose System. Next, make sure Screen Mirroring is enabled.
  3. Open All Screen on your Android device and look for your Roku on the list of available devices. Select it and connect the two devices.
  4. On your TV, click on Add channel to add the All Screen app.
  5. You will see a digital remote on your Android’s screen; tap on OK to confirm. Don’t close it, let it run in the background and then proceed to the next step.
  6. Open the Showbox app on your Android phone or tablet.
  7. Choose any movie or TV show you like. Close the ad and select the video quality.
  8. Tap on the “three dots” icon next to the Video Quality section. Choose Other Player and close the window.
  9. Tap on Watch now and make sure it says Open with All Screen. You can choose either just once or always when the app prompts you.
  10. Select your Roku device and wait for the screen to load. Your Roku should receive the signal from your Android device. This might take some time, just wait until the loading process finishes.

Can you install APK on Roku?

That option is NOT available at this time.

However, there is another method called “Screen Mirroring”.

  1. Step One: Add All Screen Receiver to Roku
  2. Step Two: Install All Screen (Chromecast, DLNA, Roku)

All Screen is Android app and combined with All Scree Receiver can able to stream content from mobile to Roku.

To install this app, go to Play Store and look for “All Screen” and install it.

3. Step Three: Open the “X” APK on your Phone

If you already installed the app on your mobile then open it. If not, download the App APK and install now.

Open the app and Play any stream. Tap on “Open with” and choose the All Screen as a media player.

Has Showbox been shut down?

Its true, ShowBox is Shutting for Good. The App which servered millions of users worldwide is closing its doors. It looks like the production houses forced the Showbox developers and promoters to discontinue the support for the App

How to download moviebox on roku?

Showbox is one of the famous entertainment applications available for Android devices. With the help of this application, you can stream various movies and TV series on your Android device and even Roku TV.

What are the apps like showbox for roku?

  • Movie Box. Movie Box is the iOS version of Showbox, though there are versions for Android, Windows, and Mac as well. …
  • PlayBox HD. PlayBox HD is a great Showbox alternative for iOS and Android. …
  • MegaBox HD. …
  • Popcorn Time. …
  • Crackle. …
  • Movie HD. …
  • Sky HD. …
  • CinemaBox.
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