Showbox Lime Player Update 2021

How to fix Showbox Keeps Stopping issue in new Showbox Lime Player Update

Most of the free TV shows and movie viewers are currently experiencing the real headache of getting the error message “Showbox keeps stopping issue”. After the latest update (happened in June 2019), the Showbox integration with Lime Player is the only one media player to work on it. In regardless of the platform usage, this issue was already escalated to the concerned team to look into it.

Many users are already planned to switch over to utilize the alternative of Showbox Apps but still, a few of them are still trying their level best to resolve this issue. However, you can follow the below-provided troubleshooting steps to fix the Showbox keeps stopping or Showbox not working error messages on entire Android mobile phones.

Reason for Showbox keeps stopping issue

We all know that the Showbox application is executed and designed by the Russian Designers & Developers. The video contents (movies & TV shows) that are available for streaming or downloading could be shared from numerous third-party websites. With effective new Russian-based Cyber rules, most of the websites and URL links are blocked by the authorities.

However, the Showbox APK App will work properly because of its seamless transit within the various servers and have not known by the users. But sometimes while watching or streaming the video contents (TV shows, web series, or movies), you may refresh an error message or stuck on the buffering / latency issue. The error message will not allow the content to load or prompts an error message “Showbox is not working” on your Android mobile phones.

However, you can follow the below provided step-by-step instructions on how to fix this error message. You can fix the issues by using the different server connections for your Showbox App version 5.30 on Android device.

Methods to fix the “Showbox keeps stopping” error message on your Android devices

Everyone knows that there are numerous Showbox alternative apps available within the online platform such as Movie HD, PopCorn Time, Megabox, etc. But still they prefer to utilize Showbox App because of its extensive video content collections, regularly updated, and videos are in HD (High Definition) format. So, it is essential to understand the useful tricks of your app and to resolve the error messages and enjoy unlimited download or stream for entire Android devices.


Method 1: Download the Lime Player latest version for Showbox Apk

Make use of this new update, the designers or developers of this Showbox App will prompt to use the mandatory media player such as Lime Player APK file. It is required to download the app and install the same from any one of the trustworthy websites to get unlimited or non-buffering streaming experience.

Once the latest version is installed, you need to restart the Showbox app and will not experience any sorts of new issues while streaming the videos or movies through the Showbox Android App. You can also download the Lime Player APK latest version v10.3 for Showbox App from the reliable sources.

Method 2: Clear the Cache files

If you are getting the error message “Showbox Server is not working or Showbox keeps stopping” then you can clear the cache files of your downloaded application. Please follow the below steps to clear the cache files:

  • Access the Showbox App icon.
  • Press and hold the button for a few seconds to get the Options menu.
  • Navigation to the App info.
  • Now, access the Showbox App from the available list.
  • Within the application, you can double-check the App version.
  • Press the Storage Option.
  • Then press the Clear Date icon & Clear Cache icon to remove the entire data & cache files from your Showbox app.

Now, you can access the Showbox app without any issues.

Method 3: Updating the Showbox application to the latest version V5.31

Follow the below steps to update the Showbox App to its latest version:

  • Ensure that you had installed the latest (most updated) version of your Showbox APK app on your Android mobile phone.
  • In case, if you prefer to update or download the latest version within the in-app messages then there could be some chances of getting an error message “Showbox Server is not working or Showbox keeps stopping”.
  • To overcome this situation, you can make use of third-party websites to download the latest version.
  • If once the latest or updated version is downloaded then you can easily remove or uninstall the older or previous version of Showbox APK application from your Android mobile phone.
  • Then before starting to install the current version of the Showbox App, it is mandatory to turn on or activate the Unknown Sources option.
  • Access the Phone Settings and navigate to the Security options.
  • Turn on or activate the “Unknown Sources” from the existing page.
  • Once it is completed, you can easily install the latest version of Showbox App on your Android device.

The updated Showbox APK app will work fine without any issues. Without any buffering or latency, it is possible to download the video contents (a full-length movie or an entire TV show) at a better download speed.

Hope, you can follow the above-mentioned methods to fix the “Showbox keeps stopping or Showbox Server is not working” error message on your Android mobile phone. It is always advisable to update the application to access it without any issues.

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