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Easy guide to download and install Showbox on iPad

What’s better than having a beautiful market-leading tablet like an iPad?

Actually, there’s only one thing.

And that’s having a beautiful market-leading tablet like an iPad – with Showbox installed on it.

You’ll find that the latest movies and TV shows vibrantly come to life in the Apple iPad’s high definition, vivid, retina display. It’s like you’re carrying your own personal movie theatre with you wherever you go, wherever you like. Except this is one movie theatre that won’t ask you to buy a ticket, because watching the biggest, best movies and TV shows is completely free. You won’t be asked for your membership or sign in details, because there’s no sign up necessary and no subscription required.

It’s this simplicity that makes Showbox the leading app for watching, streaming, and downloading the very best in entertainment from around the world. From Hollywood blockbusters to cult classics, it’s all at your fingertips. Ok, so that’s enough about the app, let’s get on with the most important business – getting you up and running with Showbox on iPad.

Showbox is one of those apps which aren’t available on the App Store. Unlike Android (where you can also download Showbox for all your devices, from Android tablet through to Android phones), iOS isn’t open source, so you have to go a different route. However, all the great features you get on Showbox for Android are also available on Showbox for iPad. Stuff like advanced search and filters, options to download, plus super fast streaming – it’s all here.

You can download Showbox for iPad simply and easily, by using third-party apps. These are apps which are not in the Apple App Store for various reasons. Maybe they’re not for commercial use, or the developers prefer to make their own style that differs from Apple, or they don’t want to share data or revenue with the App Store.

Ok, are you ready to start viewing the best selection of movies and TV shows? Great, you just have to follow these instructions. Let’s go!

Showbox option 1: TuTu app

Showbox install - TuTuApp1.0

  • Open up your Safari browser (you have Safari right? It’s the default browser for iOS). Type in the following URL: Click the ‘install now’ button. Enter any password you have enabled so that you can download the App to your iPad.
  • Make a note of the developer’s name.
  • Now it’s time to tell your iPad that TuTu is a trusted app. This is so you can get Showbox running. Apple devices don’t let you download non-App Store apps by default, so after downloading you’ll get a message about finding an ‘untrusted app’. That’s no problem and completely normal. To fix this: Head to Settings > General > Device management
  • Find TuTu app’s developer name and select the option to trust this developer.

Showbox install - Select the option to trust this developer

  • Bingo! You can now use TuTu just like you would use the Apple App Store to browse, find and download the apps you want. You have 100% control, you choose what to add.
  • So search for Movie Box (this is the name of Showbox when you’re using iOS). Then install, like you would for any app.

Showbox option 2: AppValley

This is another app for downloading third-party apps to your iPad that let you watch Showbox.

  • Open your Safari browser.
  • Head to

Showbox install - Appvalley

  • Click the Install AppValley button to start the process of installing Showbox on iPad.
  • Like the example above, you’ll get a message popping up. And just like in the example above, this is totally normal. It’s just Apple’s automatic message whenever you want to add a third-party app to your iPad.
  • After AppValley installs, it’s time to tell your iPad that you can trust AppValley. Head to Settings > General > Device Management.

Showbox install - Select the option to trust this developer

  • Find AppValley’s developer name, and add this to your iPad’s list of trusted developers.
  • Now AppValley is ready for action. Look for the AppValley icon on your home screen. Tap it to open. Search for Movie Box (this is the name of Showbox on iOS) and then install it.
  • You’ll then see the famous Movie Box icon on your home screen, waiting for you to tap and unlock the best entertainment the world has to offer.

That’s it! You’re ready to watch what you want, when you want, how you want. Enjoy Show Box absolutely free.

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