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How to watch Showbox on Chromecast

Want to turn your regular television into a movie theatre? One that is always showing the latest Hollywood productions, the best of the world’s TV shows, and exclusive trailers of forthcoming box office hits? All for free, and in glorious high-definition?

Great news – it’s all possible with Showbox apk 2020. All you need is a Chromecast, your Android device, and the instructions right here on this page. It’s a simple process, easy to follow, and quick to set up. You’re going to turn your Android device, whether it’s a phone or tablet, into your very own Showbox apk controller. Apart from the initial connecting of Chromecast to your TV, the rest you can do from the comfort of your armchair, sofa, bed or wherever else you feel like relaxing. other than chromecast you can also install showbox apk on your chromebook as well. 

If you want to watch Showbox on Chromecast, the most important thing you have to do is download the Showbox app to your Android device. The thing is, Showbox is not available on the Android App Store. That’s no problem, and completely normal. After all, not every app company wants to distribute their app through Android. Showbox is a third-party app, and is just as easily downloaded using the process below.

Hang on, you might be thinking. Chromecast – isn’t that used for streaming Netflix and other subscription shows? Yes, you’re right (sort of). However, Showbox for Chromecast is different to other experiences you’ll have when watching online. Here’s why.

For one thing, you don’t pay anything for Showbox – it’s absolutely free.

What’s more, unlike many other streaming providers, Showbox doesn’t ask you to register or sign up for a subscription. There are no hidden ‘premium’ extras.

It’s your Chromecast, your movies and TV shows, and your Showbox. In other words, you have complete control!

Ready to watch Showbox on your Chromecast? Ok here we go…

  1. Plug in the Chromecast to the HDMI socket of your television or whichever screen you’ll watch Showbox on. It’s the gold part in the picture below (of a second generation Chromecast). Plug in its power cable to your TV’s USB port, or if you don’t have a USB port, just plug in to the main socket. Then switch it on.

Download Showbox for Chromecast

Pictures from Wikipedia: Chromecast

  1. Turn on your television and select whichever input your Chromecast is plugged into (such as AV1)
  2. Be sure to connect your Chromecast to your internet/Wi-Fi connection, via the same connection as your Android device.
  3. Now head to the Android App Store/Google Play Store and install an app called ‘AllCast’. This great little app lets you watch what’s on your device, through to any connected device such as a smart TV. In this case of course it’ll be through your Chromecast. AllCast is one of the easiest apps to use, but there are many others. So if you already have another casting app on your dfevice, that’s fine – Showbox works equally well. Although if you do find any problems with casting, try with AllCast – it’s the most proven and reliable option.
  4. Now install the official version of Showbox for your Android device. If you don’t have Showbox installed, you’re in the right place to get Showbox. Here’s how to download it for Android, PC, Chromebook, iPad and iPhone.
  5. Now open the Showbox menu.
  6. Open Settings.
  7. Change default player to ‘Other Player’.

Showbox install - Change default player to Other Player

  1. Choose AllCast as the app to open Showbox.

Choose AllCast as the app to open Showbox.

  1. Your device will show the AllCast screen below, where you can see options to control when to play, pause, drag forward and back.

watch Showbox on your television

  1. You can now be able watch Showbox on your television. Find what you want to watch, press play, sit back, and enjoy the show (and of course enjoy Showbox).

For your convenience, team has collected two out of thousands of tutorials that are available there on internet about showbox to chromecast. Following two tutorials will save your time and remeber we have provided download buttons for each software that you need to run chromecast on your tv.

Tutorial one

Tutorial two


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