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Showbox 5.40 apk – Showbox

Showbox latest news have been updated. The apk has several new features which are unseen in any other app. The new apk is launched and is available first on internet via us at showbox

The latest showbox 5.40 version apk has the most asked for feature i.e. blue light filter.

Blue light is the radiation that is emitted from our smartphone which is really harmful for our eyes. This light weakens our eye sight. During watching movies or tv shows, we focus on the screen continuously for a long time and thus it is one of the most affecting hazard to our eyesight.

The blue light filter mode helps to check the phone display setting and make it comfortable to our eyes while watching your favourite tv shows or movies on showbox 5.40 apk.

showbox apk

Here is the procedure to download and installing the apk.

Download & Install showbox 5.40 apk

  • Showbox Android download
  • Click on above link and download the apk.
  • After downloading the apk file, install it by clicking on the app.
  • Click on install and approve all the permissions it asks for.
  • We don’t ask for any unnecessary permissions in our app.
  • Enter your age and gender for our customisation purposes.

After completing everything just run it and start watching and downloading your latest shows and movies.

Showbox 5.40 apk features

The latest showbox app has the following features present in it.

  • Blue light filter mode.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • App hang on update mode.
  • Multiple crashes while download.

We are on a venture to make the best feature filled one stop application for our loving users. This is an ocean of improvements. If you have any suggestion of what can be added as a new feature in the app then comment below.

If you have any problem regarding the installation of the apk then reach us at our contact page. We will surely help you. This website has the original apk on internet, don’t fall for other fake apks available over internet.

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