psychological horror film has been given a digital release

Gravitas Ventures has given a digital release to writer/director David Bryant’s new psychological chiller Splinter, and to help you decide whether or not this is a movie you’d like to see, we have the trailer embedded at the top of this article. If you do want to check Splinter out, you can do so at THIS LINK.

Starring Bill Fellows (Coronation Street), Splinter tells the following story: Following the murder of his family, John becomes a recluse, trapped inside his home. Surrounded by memories, he believes someone, or something, is watching him. Could it be the ghosts of his wife and son, or something far worse?

Splinter was produced by Filo Films and Sea and Sky Pictures.

Bryant had this to say about the film: “I wanted to tell a traditionally haunting tale full of tension but present it in a realistic portrayal of one man’s mental breakdown. I wrote Splinter to be filmed entirely in my own home using props I already owned and keeping the cast and crew to a minimum.

Fellows added: “I was offered the chance to play this complex and sympathetic character who felt real, in an intelligent script that presents a unique vision and not a by-the-numbers horror thriller. How could I say no?

Fellows is joined in the cast by Michael McKell (Darkheart Manor) and celebrity chef Jane Asher, who previously worked with Bryant on his comedy feature Drunk on Love.

In addition to Drunk on Love and Splinter, Bryant has also directed the horror movie Dead Wood and the found footage thriller Victims (you can read our review of that one HERE.) Looking ahead, the filmmaker is working with producers to develop high concept genre movies, including a violent revenge thriller and a vampire story. He said, “I’ve always loved genre and especially horror movies and I’m always planning the next film or writing the next screenplay, as you never know when opportunity will come knocking.

What did you think of the Splinter trailer? Will you be watching this movie? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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