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Everyone in today’s era is hooked to the electronics especially when it comes to entertainment. There are millions of individuals out there who are looking for free streaming applications to access the best TV shows that are airing along with the latest movies that hit the cinemas. Not everyone is able to afford the monthly subscription fee for Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime.

Since we all like to watch free movies and stream TV shows especially when it comes to binge watching them over the weekends, thus in order to cater to the streaming needs of all the users out there looking for free content, developers came up with the new streaming application called Project Free TV.

What is Project TV?

Project TV is an online streaming application that gives you access to multiple video content all over the internet. Instead of restricting to one geographical location, the application offers content from all over the globe in different languages to cater to the needs of all its viewers.

The application acts as the middle man. Instead of providing you with the content itself, it gives you access to multiple links on the internet that are offering the content that you wish to view. This makes the app legal as they are only providing you the access and not the content itself.

It has a huge library of TV shows and movies that you can stream for free and access anywhere on multiple devices without any restrictions. There is no limit which means you can enjoy unlimited streaming without having to worry about anything. The part out of it all is that it is totally free which makes it a great alternative for Netflix and Amazon Prime as you can access all those TV shows and movies on Project TV absolutely free of cost.

Benefits of Using Project TV

Project TV is one of the best streaming applications on the internet at present. Not only is it free but also comes with high end features that make it worth the download. Here is the list of benefits that you can avail from downloading Project TV on your device.

  • High quality video steaming for all your content
  • Diverse quantity of content
  • Easy Navigation
  • User friendly interface
  • Free of cost streaming
  • Reliable links for streaming

These are only a few of the benefits. You will find out about the rest once you start using the application. In order to get your hands on all these benefits make sure to download the Project TV for free on your devices and start streaming video content free of cost.

Is Project TV Legal?

This is one of the most common questions that users tend to ask when it comes to Project TV. To be honest, there is no straightforward answer to whether it is legal or not. The application itself isn’t legal but some states and countries regard it as illegal just because it is providing the users with the access to illegal content which is present on pirated sites.

So in short, it all depends on your geographical location. The application is banned in certain countries whereas there are countries which do not restrict such applications. Project TV is legal to use in the United States but if you are in another country then make sure to check with the authorities or use VPN to stay on the safe side.

Why people restrict the use of Project TV?

You might have heard people say that Project TV isn’t the best option for streaming free content. The reason behind it is that the site offers you multiple links that you can use to access the video content. In certain cases, the links might come with malware that can harm your system and give the hacker access to your private data.

It is not actually Project TV that is bad but the sites which are linked. So make sure to check the sites carefully before downloading any content from the links provided. Also always keep your anti-virus running in the background and you don’t want to end up with malware in your device.

How to Install Project TV on Android?

Almost all applications available on the internet are compatible with Android as it is the most widely used operating system by smart devices today. Project TV is also available for android and if you wish to download it on your device then simply follow the steps below;

  • Navigate to Settings> Security > Unknown Sources and allow external source downloading on your device.
  • Now simply hit the link provided above to start the downloading process.
  • Once the file is downloaded, navigate to the download folder.
  • Select the file that you just downloaded and install it on your device by simply following the commands on the popup windows.
  • Once the installation process is complete, lunch the app.
  • That is it, you are all done!

How to Install Project TV on Firestick?

Want to stream video content on your Amazon Firestick? Well, now you can easily stream content on your lounge TV screen by simply downloading Project TV on your Firestick. If you wish to download the app, simply follow the steps below and you would be done in no time.

  • Firstly, navigate to Settling>>My Fire TV>>Developers options>> Apps from unknown sources to enable downloads from unknown sources on your Firestick device.
  • Now download a third party app store on Firestick as you won’t find this one your regular Amazon app store.
  • Go to the downloader and paste the URL in the box provided.
  • Follow the commands on the popup windows to successfully download and install the application on your device.
  • Once done, navigate to ‘Your Apps & Channels’ and highlight it.
  • That is all! You are done within just a few minutes.

Final Words

Project TV is definitely worth downloading especially with the amount of features that it has to offer to the viewers. With the Project TV at your disposal, you can easily get access to the latest TV shows and movies for free. Simply download the application on your device and stream online without any worries. Make sure to use VPN if it is restricted in your region as we don’t want you to get into trouble.


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