Produce Better Music on PC with these 5 Composing Apps

Produce Better Music on PC with these 5 Composing Apps

Whether you are an aspiring musician or have already started making it big in the world of music, you must be busier than ever before. You must constantly be touring for shooting videos, striving to get a strong fan base, or must be on talks with music producers. Amidst all these, you hardly have time to record, create, and edit videos and audio clips. Good news! Many successful musicians are composing music on the go. And, you too can do it – in a hotel room or on the plane. You just need your laptop and the right composing app for PC. Find yourself crafting lyrics of a new song or composing some catchy bits whenever you have a moment to spare.  All with these top 5 music composing apps:

  1. Apple GarageBand


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Compatible with macOS 10.111 or later, this app is the staple for all good musicians. First seen in 2004, this deserves to be on the top of the list of best apps for composing music so many years down the line. If you search for the app in the App Store, you will find that it has been marked as ‘essential’ by its creators. Among the shared features, you have the Drummer and the groove maker. Additionally, you will enjoy easy controls and a lot of patterns and fill variations while using the app. The app has both PC as well as iPhone versions to help musicians keep the music production going wherever they go!

  1. Cakewalk by BandLab


Cakewalk, which was formerly known as Cakewalk SONAR is a Windows 10 compatible digital audio workstation application. It was initially developed by Gibson and later taken over by BandLab, which is when it became available to download free. It is a complete music production package. Cakewalk comes with creative songwriting instruments and tools. In addition to that, there is pro mixing and mastering tools, unlimited MIDI and audio tracks that you can put to good use. There is also a complete suite of music editing tools. The app also lets you publish your composition directly to SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook. With this application, composing good music is a cakewalk!

  1. Tracktion T6

This is an instant hit application with MacOS, Linux (VST and AU), and Windows users. With this application, you get a host of new features, all for free. Each time the company updates the flagship DAW yearly, you could refresh new features into the application. T6 is a unique music composition application. Almost all music composers love it for being feature-packed. It comes with a relevant DAW designed. The creator of T6 has kept simplicity in mind while developing the application. It is like a workstation with everything on the main window. Thus, you can get busy making music without having to jump to multiple windows while working on the app. With unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, Tracktion T6 is an application that has every section scalable. 

  1. Music Maker JAM


If you are looking for an application with tons of interesting and useful feature, you can choose the Music Maker JAM. The application features 300+ remix tracks, mix packs, and additionally, thousands of studio quality loops that you can put to good use. It is an application that has controls for different instruments. Besides, options and effects are arranged in such a manner that it is easy to edit songs on the go! What’s more? This app lets you submit your music to global challenges. Download it today for free.

  1. SyndtSphere by Klevgrand


Klevgrand is a Stockholm-based production company that has created a name for itself among the music composers with SyndtSphere. It is an accessible software synthesizer loaded with more than 70 presets. This application lets you morph between multiple sounds easily. There is an array of sounds within the app, which is good enough to satiate even seasoned music producers. Get ready for some rock-solid sound composition.


Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned music producer, you need to have one or two best-suited music composing apps discussed here in your laptop. This should give you the freedom to create tracks and make music wherever you are. So, have you checked all of them before downloading?


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