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Everything You Need To Know About Popcorn Time App

We would all love to get our hands on free live stream of movies and TV shows. I mean isn’t that every ones dream at the moment? The world where everyone is hooked to their smart devices and TV shows are like the highlight of the entertainment and media industry as wide range of shows are being aired that interest almost everybody in the society.

Netflix is great for TV shows and movies but the problem with it is that it is not free. No one wants to pay a subscription fee every month when you can get the same service for free. Well yes, it is true that you can now stream movies and TV shows for free on the recently launched app called the Popcorn Time.

So today in this article we would be talking about some of the most common questions that users have regarding Popcorn Time. If you don’t know what Popcorn Time is or aren’t sure of it yet then we suggest that you continue reading to find out what this amazing app can get you. So let us go ahead and discuss it in detail.

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is known as the Netflix of Torrents but free of cost! It is multi-purpose platform and an open source Bittorrent client that is also packed with a high-end media player for streaming TV shows, movies and etc. in simple words we would say that it is the pirated brother of Netflix that charges you a subscription but Popcorn Time on the other hand is totally free of charge.

Unlike many other pirated sites that stream unauthorized copies of the media files on their website using Bittorrent, Popcorn Time consecutively downloads the media file requested by the user and uploads it on the media player for access. But as soon as the user quits the application, the media file is deleted from the server making the process legal – at least that is what the anonymous developers of Popcorn Time claim.

In simple terms, Popcorn Time is an application compatible with multiple platforms that allows the users to download pirated files to the server and watch them free of cost. You can watch anything from TV shows to full-length HD movies on the app without actually getting into trouble as the file is automatically deleted, leaving behind no trace!

Where did it come from – Origin of Popcorn Time

The developers of Popcorn Time have always remained anonymous due to unknown reasons but we can date the application back to March 2014 when it was first developed by a group of Argentinian developers. They developed software that would help the user stream torrent videos without any hassle. But weeks after the launch, the original team decided to shut down the project due to copyright concerns as Hollywood wasn’t going to let it pass.

Later on, the abandoned project was restructured by the developers of YTS and that is when Popcorn Time hit the market like a storm. Over the years, many teams have worked on the project in their own way which is why there are multiple versions of the app available on the internet.

Although each version is designed and run by different teams of developers, they still serve the same purpose and offer the same content and functionality to the users. So if you are into movies and TV shows then this app is the best possible way to watch them all for free without any hassle.

Does Popcorn Time have an App?

Popcorn Time is an open-source software that is compatible to work on a number of operating system. Most people tend to believe that it is a similar to the other websites on the internet that provide access to the pirated videos but that isn’t how the software works. There is no website where you can stream content online. The software in only available in the form of an application which means yes, Popcorn Time is in actual an app that you can download on your smart devices.

The developers do have a legal website from where you can download the course code which appears on your device in form of an application. Unlike other apps, it won’t be available in your App Store, Google Play or Windows Store. You will have to download the code from the web which will launch on your device in the form of an application. At present the code is available for Linux, IOS, Mac OS, Windows and Android.

How does it work exactly?

There are individuals who are only concerned with watching the videos but there are those individuals as well who are interested in knowing where the video comes from. On the user’s-end the app works similar to Netflix.

You can type in the movie or TV show that you want to watch in the search bar or the app will show you suggestions in the form of thumbnails. You can scroll down the movie posters until you find the one that you wish to watch. Once selected the file with download almost instantaneously and will start streaming in no time.

However, on the back end, everything takes place in the form of HTML/CSS/JavaScript on a browser called the Node Webkit. The streaming part is handled by a torrent client so all the torrent related information is gathered at the back end automatically by the application from different sources. Once the information is gathered, it is nicely put together to provide seamless streaming to the users.

Is it legal to use Popcorn Time App?

Many users question the legality of the application. To be honest and straight forward, we would say that the software itself isn’t illegal but the way you use it might be declared as illegal in your country or state. So there is no simple or straightforward answer to the question because laws relating to watching online pirated movies and torrent files vary from country to country.

So the answer to the question whether Popcorn Time is legal or not depends on the how you use it. If you are only using it to watch videos then we believe that there is nothing illegal in that. But recording and distributing the content that you find on Popcorn time is illegal as you will be defying the terms of copyright which can lead to a lawsuit but only if you get caught.

Can you get in trouble for using Popcorn Time?

Yes, you can get into trouble for using Popcorn Time if the software is banned in your region. Mostly the software is pretty much declared as legal in various parts of the world but if you are unsure then we would suggest that you check it up. You can search on the internet to see whether it is legal in your state or not.

Although if you find that the use of Popcorn Time is prohibited in your country then you can always use VPN to stream the content safely without actually getting caught. We would suggest that you don’t take any risks as there are copyright protectors who actively monitor the users so you don’t want to end up with a lawsuit.

How to use Popcorn Time safely – VPN or no VPN?

The question is whether you should use VPN while using Popcorn Time or not? Well, to be on the safe side, we always suggest our readers to use VPN every time they access something pirated and same is the case with Popcorn Time. You might not be doing anything wrong but the authorities might find the whole process wrong which can get you into trouble.

So it is best that you use Popcorn Time with the VPN on the background which using the software on your Windows, Linux or Mac devices. You can stream freely on your smartphones but if you want to take extra precautions then you can use VPN on those devices as well.

Can you watch movies on Popcorn Time without the internet?

Yes, this is the best part so far. The movies that you download on Popcorn Time aren’t downloaded in your device but are actually downloading in the app similar to Netflix. Previously, the content was only available for live streaming but with the upgraded version, you can now download content and watch it offline later as well. in short, you can download the movies using the internet and once the download is complete, you can watch it offline – without the internet for free!


Popcorn Time is an amazing open-source software and free Netflix alternative for individuals who aren’t willing to pay the extra bucks every month. Apart from that, you can find even new TV shows and movies on Popcorn Time which are uploaded to Netflix after quite some time of their release. Plus the collection is updated every day so you can find a wide range of diverse content that will surely satisfy your entertainment needs. Movies night have been never this easier with Popcorn Time at your disposal.

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