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Patton Oswalt talks I Love My Dad

Patton Oswalt is a talented guy. He’s a terrific actor, a very funny man, and an absolutely kind fellow. Which is why his performance in the wonderfully awkward new comedy, I Love My Dad, is so bonkers.The film is written, directed, and stars James Morosini, and it’s a charmer. In it, Oswalt portrays a father trying to reconnect with his son in the oddest of ways. It’s funny, moving, and both Oswalt and Morosini are terrific. It’s a bold film, yet it never fails to have a little heart. James made something special with this one.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Patton Oswalt himself. It’s always a joy to talk to this man for a number of reasons. And frankly, this film was a great one to do. He opened up about playing a very imperfect dad. He discussed what it was like working with his co-star and director. And just for fun, the subject of bad movies came up and we had a bit of fun talking about the Verhoeven “classic” Showgirls. Oswalt is a lovely man, and it was wonderful catching up with him. I Love My Dad is currently playing, and it’s a delightful flick. See it with the family.

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