MX Player Pro APK Version 1.32.3 Free Download For Android in 2021

What is MX Player Pro APK?

MX Player Pro APK is one of the excellent apps for playing videos on your android. In this app, you can play your favorite movies, web shows, series, and videos in high quality. Every android user struggles to watch videos in HD quality without ads on their smartphones. Nothing is better than being able to binge-watch your series whenever and wherever you want. APK provides the MX Player pro app and enables you to download it for free. Also, this app enables you to download your episodes so that you can quickly play them without thinking about the internet. This app can be easily downloaded from websites and the play store. It is also available on Apple and Windows stores.

MX Player Pro APK
MX Player Pro APK

 Why use the premium version?

The advertisements and pop-ups in between videos are the most irritating things ever and spoil the fun. The premium version completely adds free and thus, allows you to enjoy the smooth streaming of videos. In addition to that, the premium version allows you to watch videos with and without the internet. Also, it supports subtitles and uses many different subtitle formats.

  1.  No ads

The MX player pro APK allows you to stream audio and videos without any interruption.


  1. Separate Audio Player

This software allows you to access your audio playlist independently.


  1. User-friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface MX player makes its best for all users. The minimal interface helps the user to focus on the video.


  1. Subtitle Gestures

MX Player Pro, you can use gestures to zoom text size, move text around on the screen, or even skip forward or reverse in case it gets unsynchronized with the video. It can handle multiple subtitle tracks while allowing you to style the text.

How to Enable Subtitles?

To activate the subtitles, click on the three dots at the top right of your screen.

Click “subtitles” and find the online subtitle option. Now select your favorite subtitle, and you are good to go.

Kids Lock

The kids lock feature blocks the other videos and mobile features. This feature prevents the children from making wrong calls or using other apps unsupervised.

  Private Feature

This feature allows you to hide your files from nosy people.

Video features 

The exclusive video features include background play, zoom, and playback speed. Background play enables you to use other apps while enjoying your favorite videos and music. To enable background playAll you have to do is head over to Settings > Player and enable the background play option. Want to check something more closely? Do not worry; the pinch to zoom feature has your back. This is not just it; you can also stream your video at any speed you want to. 

Supports a lot of video formats 

MX Player Pro supports a great deal of video forms. No matter what type of format the video has, you are able to stream it via MX player app. This broad support for video formats is unmatched in MX Player Pro as compared to the other video applications. While enabling one to stream online videos, it also allows you to save them.


The adjustable themes make it more fun to use. You can easily change the theme to dark and light colors of your choice.

Other Features

The Multi-Core Decoding, hardware Acceleration, and the support for ARM and X86 processors increase the efficiency and speed of the app. MX Player was one of the earliest Android video player applications to use multi core decoding. The performance of a dual core computer has been shown to be much higher than a single core device.


MX pro player APK free download

You can easily find the links to download this app. Simply search the name of the app on any search engine. Find the authentic and latest version and download it for free. After that, open your phone’s settings and find the personal option and select protection. Enable access from unknown sources. Now you will be enabled to download the app from APK. After the download is complete, you will find the app on your screen.

You can also download this app from the play store.

How to fix buffering on updated MX player pro APK?

If your video keeps lagging or buffering on the app, all you need to do is change the decoder to HW +. The multi core decoding and hardware acceleration are best for the smooth streaming of movies.

How do I alter the language on MX pro APK?

Click on the menu bar in the video segment to go to the programming library. On the home page, you can pick the language you want.

Available in many countries:

Firstly launched in 2018 in India, the MX player has now enabled its streaming services in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Nepal, New Zealand, UK, and the USA.

Final word

To conclude, MX Player Pro is an amazing video player app that has a rating of 4.7 stars in Google Play Store. Thanks to the awesome functionality of this app, you can watch any video effortlessly. Videos nowadays are everywhere, from social media on our phones to the smart TV that we enjoy. Owing to the rise of technology, we can now watch movies, TV shows, and cartoons instantly into our smartphones. Luckily, we do not need the television to watch our favorite shows anymore. The MX player pro APK, with its incredible features, allows you to stream and download any sort of videos and audios with great ease. So, MX player pro download enables you to easily watch anything of your choice.


App info

Name MX Player Pro
DeveloperJ2 interactive
Online version1.31.1
Pro Version1.26.7
Last updatedNovember 5,2020
Size20+ mb

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