How to turn Showbox on your PS3 or PS4?

Showbox is a movie streaming app that can be used on your phone, Android, or iOS according to some internet sources. It is also possible to use it on laptop and computer.

With the use of various apps, Showbox can also be cast on your TV and now can also be used on your ps3 and ps4 device.

Ps3 and ps4 are PlayStation versions that are used to play games and with the help of Showbox, it can also be used to watch movies, TV shows, and series.

Factors of having Showbox on your ps3 or ps4

  • Watch content on a bigger screen and in high definition
  • Its features usually have special effects that turn a regular movie into a theatre or cinema feel
  • To easily switch from playing a game to catching a TV show episode and back to the game again at your convenience
  • Save content that you download to your ps3 or ps4 that can be streamed straight to your TV
  • No pop-up advertisement- this is one of the features that help this way of streaming stand out due to the convenience of no disruptions while you watch a movie or TV show
  • It enables you to switch to different languages according to your preference

Showbox on ps3

  • In order for Showbox to work on a ps3, you will need to download three essential things an MX player, iMedia share and Showbox
  • Connect your ps3 to a Wi-Fi connection and open the iMedia share APP.
  • Next, open the ShowboxAPP and select the content you want to watch and play it using the MX player
  • Open the MX player and using your ps3 controller click on play

Showbox on ps4

  • The ps4 being the latest version of the PlayStation and Showbox being one of the streaming Apps it is quite simple to use the two together.
  • Once you have a good Wi-Fi connection in the settings of your TV connect your ps4 to your phone or computer.
  • On your ps4 setting uncheck the ‘internal player’ so as to ensure there is no disruption when watching your content.
  • Launch the Showbox app and click enter or watch now to start your streaming.
  • Disclaimer

    Show Box is NOT a legitimate software application for watching copyright protected movies. The movie studios will be able to see your IP address and your COMPLETE viewing history! (Do you really want the movie studios knowing the types of videos you like?) You will very likely be sued for copyright infringement. It is not worth the trouble! You can use Best Legal apps (alternatives) like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.


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