How to Install Showbox on Nvidia Shield

Showbox can be used as an alternative to premium streaming services like Netflix and Vudu. But the real question is how to install Showbox on Nvidia Shield TV. Please follow our precious guide below…

As we already know about Showbox apk and its core features. It is one of the freemium streaming services in the app market. Showbox is the biggest Android streaming APK, over 100K+ movies and shows, and updated with new content. Its content can be accessed from different platforms device, even it is just an Android app.

Showbox apk on Nvidia Shield TV

Is Showbox apk compatible with Nvidia Shield TV?


My quick answer is YES. People consider Shield as an only gaming console but many people don’t know that it can be used as a streaming device. The fact is, Shield is completely designed for gaming lovers. However, we’re living in a digital era so anything is possible these days. Convert the Nvidia Shield from the gaming device to a streaming device by using third-party tools (From Google Play Store).

If you’re eagerly waiting to see how this should be the read further for complete guide.

How to Download and Install Showbox ON Nvidia Shield TV

Remember, it is a difficult task as you think. You may be new to this process, but the 40k+ Shield devices are already running with Showbox Apk. But, this handy guide is helpful for beginners as well means no-technical users can also understand with it.

Step by step guide to Download showbox apk on Nvidia Tv

  • Setup your Nvidia Shield TV properly, this guide may be useful.
  • Add ES File Explorer to your Shield TV.
  • To do this, go to Play Store and search for “ES File Explorer”, press an enter to download.
  • Launch ES File Explorer.
  • Go to favorites in the left menu, click “Add” option.
  • Now, you can see a window where you need to fill with URL and name.
  • In the URL Field, enter this link address:
  • Enter name filed as “Showbox Shield TV” and press OK.
  • Comeback to ES File Explorer main menu and press the Bookmarks option.
  • Press OK on “Showbox Shield TV” to start the installation.
  • Follow the screen steps as it is and complete the Showbox installation.
  • Now, You’re done.
  • Go to Apps section, find the Showbox app and experience the new Shield TV with lots of free entertainment content.

Showbox apk installation on Nvidia

Wrapping Up My Words For ShowBox Apk

Now you can use this app to download or watch any movie you need. It will be available in the Apps section.

I hope now that you know how to install Showbox on Shield TV. Also, there are two other options to use Showbox on Smart TV, which are using Firestick and Roku. I feel that these are easier than Shield method. It is very helpful when you have own Amazon Fire TV/Firestick or Roku device.

Frequently asked Questions About ShowBox

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