How To Download Showbox For Smart TV?

Our modes of entertainment have changed to the online streaming platform, and so have our TVs which have now become Smart TV. Showbox, with its huge variety of TV Shows and Movies, is highly compatible with Smart TVs of various companies which will give you an immersive experience. Its available across all platforms such as Android, Windows and iOS and with its availability in your Smart TV, makes it more attractive.


In this article, we will see how you can use the Showbox App on your Smart TV by following these simple steps. You don’t have to stream your Phone’s Interface on your Smart TV, thus, giving you a chance to use your phone while enjoying the shows.

Here are the following steps to access Showbox on your Smart TV:

Step 1: Make sure your Smart TV is connected to an Internet Connection.

Step 2: Go to ‘Settings’ on your Smart TV and launch the menu.

Step 3: Go to the ‘Security Features’ option in this menu.

Step 4: Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option which will allow you to install the Showbox App.

How To Download Showbox For Smart TV?

After doing these steps, you need to download the Showbox App, but your Android Smart TV doesn’t have Google Chrome Browser on your Smart TV’s Play Store or any pre-loaded browser which will allow you to download the Showbox App on your Smart TV. You need to install a third-party network file manager for this. You can consider installing ES File Explorer and Manager which is not only a local file manager but also a network file manager which will let you download Showbox App on your Smart TV.

For this, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 5: Open ‘Play Store’ on your Android Smart TV.

Step 6: Download ES File Explorer and Manager and install it.

Step 7: Open ES File Explorer and Manager.

Step 8: Download the Showbox App in this by going to the ‘Favourite’ section and clicking on ‘Add’.

Step 9: Install the Showbox App and open the ES File Explorer and Manager and then to the ‘Favourite’ section where you will find the App.

Step 10: Open the App and select from your favourite TV Series or Movies and experience them watching them on a Big Screen and at a better resolution.

Some FAQs related to the topic

Question 1: Which company’s Smart TV is best compatible with running Showbox?

Answer: It’s compatible with Smart TVs of all major manufacturers such as LG, Sony, Samsung, Hisense, etc. Just makes sure that your Smart TV runs on Android to make use of the above steps.

Question 2: Is it safe to download a third-party App on your Smart TV?

Answer: As far as you are relying on a trusted source, it is completely safe. Download Apps which you have been using on your Android Phones because you have an idea about their credibility.

Question 3: Is there an alternative to ES File Explorer and Manager?

Answer: Yes, you can use other alternatives such as Cabinet and Amaze which almost the same interface as that of ES File Explorer and Manager.

Question 4: Do we have to pay something to use Showbox on our Smart TV?

Answer: No you don’t have to pay anything as long as you watch the TV Series and Movies which are free on the App. Just log in to your Showbox account and watch the shows.

Therefore, enjoy your favourite TV Shows and Series on your Smart TV and have a great time.


Show Box is NOT a legitimate software application for watching copyright protected movies. The movie studios will be able to see your IP address and your COMPLETE viewing history! (Do you really want the movie studios knowing the types of videos you like?) You will very likely be sued for copyright infringement. It is not worth the trouble! You can use Best Legal apps (alternatives) like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

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