Freeflix hq apk Download 4.5.0 Version For Android in 2021

Freeflix hq apk Download:

Now Stream movies, series, animes, trailers and tons of video material right on your android mobile without paying a single penny. YES, 100% FREE VIDEOS.

Introducing you to the Freeflix HQ apk, similar to Netflix, HBO, and many online streaming video apps. Where you can browse a wide range of videos, but this time for free and a large chunk of videos are downloadable. Next to this, Freeflix apk has no ads. You can watch all of your favorite shows without being disturbed.

Download Now freeflix HQ apk for android for free.


App NameFreeflix HQ
Genre or categoryOnline streaming Videos
Size44-50 MB
FeaturesMovies, web series, songs, anime, trailers, and many more
Last updateJan 1 2021

Freeflix hq apk


Watching movies is one’s favourite activity when bored, or in the hunt for entertainment purposes watching popular tv shows give a very pleasant feel. Yet, finding a platform like this, where you can watch all of your favourite movies for free was so difficult. As we had to visit different websites, bearing so many ads, and mostly websites and apps require a premium plan to watch videos, also, not all of us got that much money to spend on them.

Therefore, thanks to the freeflix pro application that backpacks all new and old shows for us.

Freeflix pro apk that we have mentioned above is a perfect choice to watch free online videos, from anime to web series, everything is up there for everyone. Along with that, a powerful video player also makes this app stand out. Pause, resume, stop everything is wrapped around your finger.

Freeflix pro offers limitless streaming videos, without watching ads you can stream as long-hours as you wish, there will be no regulations to stop you.

Let’s have a look at the internal features of this apk.


  • Thousand of Videos and shows available to watch online

This Freeflix hq apk contains thousands of videos to watch including, sorts of movies, songs, animes, shows, web series, almost it comes up with about all the famous and old plays. Moreover, a huge category is out there for WWE fans, highlights videos, popular matches, and announcement to upcoming matches can be figured out as well.

  • A Robust Built-in the search bar

You can search your desired video with the help of using its in-build search engine feature, not to mention, a list of recommended videos will be over there that will meet right up to your interest.

  • Play videos in different formats

You will have full control over your Data consumption, such that you can play videos in HD or turn down the quality depending on your DATA plan. All the videos have the capability to minimize to a 360px screen. Altogether, have fun watching videos when your data plan is under control.

  • Support for Chrome cast

Freeflix HQ has support for Chromecast functionality, so watching movies on a big screen turns out into a child’s play. The video quality is not a drawback as you can increase it up to 1280px.

  • Language Support

Most of the shows, movies are in English Dubbed, except for Japanese anime. However, the subtitles in English have been added so you can watch them as well, sadly despite the fact, the animes are not in English dubbed, but it offers you at least to watch for free.

  • Rating system

Users can rate their watched shows on a scale from 1 to 5. Others can get an idea of whether a movie is worth watching or not. The rating system will also help you to know about what movies are on the hotlist.

  • Download Videos

Not all of the videos are available to download in this app; however, the number is not less than enough. To sum up, you have a chance to download your favorite movies right onto your mobile storage, so you can enjoy it later when you are out of the DATA.

  • Category wise groups

With category wise videos, you can instantly go through your favorite movies and show’s sections in a matter of clicks. Categories like WWE, NEWS, NEW MOVIES and different categories are out there to dive into the zone relying upon your preference.

Freeflix hq apk

Freeflix apk Pros

Thousands of videos to watch.

Natural and beautifully customized design.

100% Royalty-free videos.

A chuck of videos is downloadable.

Freeflix apk Cons

Does not have support for some premium web series, and movies.


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