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Have you ever used Netflix before? If you have tried this, then it is definitely one of the most convenient film programs in the world that takes time. But instead, it is not served for free but shows good quality TV is needed for users to pay for expensive monthly tracking fees. Therefore, even though it works very well for entertainment needs, in every situation, it can be used for a long time. Depending on the situation, there are many free film property applications for many users, publishers. FreeFlix HQ Pro is the most reliable free tool for watching movies. People use them on different platforms and different devices.

Movies, TV shows, animations, live TV, wwe …

First, there is an application interface, we can see that it is built specifically for smart devices. But when you just see it, it shows that there is something like Netflix. But if you want to use “” FreeFlix HQ Pro “” on a PC device, you will be served reliably. If you use the Intel Processor application page, you can find the x86 file from the file. It is installed on Mac OS and PC in a healthy way, and is also possible to get the same service quality. If there is a problem, the user can find the answer right at home.


The first thing to note when you have seen the film is the quality. Enjoy them in full 1080p quality film “” FreeFlix HQ Pro “”; It’s almost 720p longer quality available. Different days and you want to compete in this field than better for both brothers. Also, if you want your film experience without problems with advertising or internet connection, just talk about device memory. Usually, you watch movies on applications with video quality, they are only available for download. Film download tools are also supported for maximum benefits. You can easily download the pause and continue the download. Also, users can download several films simultaneously.

All in one

Talk about several programs that are still entering the application for free. It has more than 5,000 free anime releases and updated every day. In many different countries like WWE TV shows said. This application also provides useful updates with important updates about the most popular programs such as movie trailers, as well as the most popular applications for film side access. It also offers to consider users who help your favorite programs by building an excellent emotional subtitle community for whatever reason he comes and is very large. Movies that you can use are 70 common languages ​​and are recommended for editing that is easy to see. If you enjoy your video on a big screen, you can connect Chrome by helping to integrate the application directly.

Now streaming movies, series, animes, trailers and tons of video material directly on your Android phone without paying one cent. YES, 100% FREE VIDEOS.

Introducing you to Freeflix HQ APK, similar to Netflix, HBO, and many online streaming video applications. Where you can browse various videos, but this time it’s free and most videos can be downloaded. Next to this, Freeflix apk has no ads. You can watch all your favorite shows without being disturbed.

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App Name Freeflix HQ
Genre or category Online streaming Videos
Size 44-50 MB
Platform Android
Downloads 1,333,4600
Features Movies, web series, songs, anime, trailers, and many more
Last update Jan 1 2021
Developed by



Watching a movie is someone’s favorite activity when bored, or in hunting for entertainment needs to watch popular TV shows provide a very pleasant nuance. However, find this platform, where you can watch all your favorite films for free is very difficult. Because we have to visit different websites, bring so many ads, and most websites and applications need a premium plan to watch videos, too, not all of us can got that much money to spend on them.

Therefore, thanks to the FreeFlix Pro application that backpacks all new and old shows for us.

The FreeFlix Pro APK that we mentioned above is the perfect choice for watching free online videos, from anime to the web series, everything is there for everyone. At the same time, a powerful video player also makes this application stand out. Pause, continue, stop everything wrapped around your finger.

FreeFlix Pro offers unlimited streaming videos, without watching ads, you can stream for a long time as you want, there will be no rules to stop you.
Let’s look at the internal features of this APK.


  • Thousand of Videos and shows available to watch online

This FreeFlix HQ apk contains thousands of videos to watch, kinds of movies, songs, animes, events, web series, almost appear with all the famous and old games. In addition, the large category is out there for WWE fans, highlighting videos, popular compatibility, and announcements for future matches can be known too.

  • A Robust Built-in the search bar

You can search the video you want with help using search engine features in Build, not to mention, the list of recommended videos will be there that will be

  • Play videos in different formats

You will have full control over your data consumption, so you can play videos in HD or reject quality depending on your data package. All videos have the ability to minimize a 360px screen. Overall, have fun watching videos when your data package is under control.

  • Support for Chrome cast

FreeFlix HQ has support for chromecast functionality, so watching a movie on a big screen turns into a child game. Video quality is not a weakness because you can increase it up to 1280px.

  • Language Support

Most of the shows, films in English are dubbed, except Japanese anime. However, subtitles in English have been added so you can watch it too, unfortunately though, animes are not nicknamed, but offer offers you at least to watch for free.

  • Rating system

Users can assess the events they watch on a scale of 1 to 5. others can get an overview of whether a film is worth watching or not. The ranking system will also help you know about what films are in Hotlist.

  • Download Videos

Not all videos are available for download in this application; However, the amount is not less than enough. In short, you have the opportunity to download your favorite movies directly to your cellular storage, so you can enjoy it later when you get out of the data.

  • Category wise groups

With the category of wise videos, you can directly through your favorite movies and show parts in the trouble click. Categories like WWE, news, new films, and different categories are out there to dive into zones that rely on your preferences.

Freeflix apk Pros

Thousands of videos to watch.

Natural and beautifully customized design.

100% Royalty-free videos.

A chuck of videos is downloadable.

Freeflix apk Cons

Don’t have support for some Premium web series, and films.

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