Free Movie Download Sites 2019

Free Movie Download Sites 2019

Be it vacations, weekends or just a warm house party, watching a movie never gets old. Sit down with friends and family to watch a romantic comedy or keep the stress away by watching sci-fi fiction all by yourself, movies always work.

However, when you come back from home after a long day at college or after being bashed by your boss at work, spending time searching for the right place to watch the right movie doesn’t exactly help.

List of Free Movie Download Websites:

1. Retrovision:

This website is for the fans of old classic movies with amazing variety and a pretty good user face. You can find movies as old as 1943 and Adventure, comedy, crime, drama, sci-fi, horror are the famous genres available. The website has its unique selling proposition in the classic genre and doesn’t disappoint.

There are the 1955 Sherlock Holmes, famous Star Trek series and the 1947 legendary movie, For you -I die for starters. The website allows you to download these movies for free, has a few advertisements running but that usually doesn’t hamper your experience of using the platform. Oh, did I mention that it also has Popeye cartoons?

2. Youtube:

The world-famous platform, known for being a life saver with its videos and content provides the US audience with a special feature to watch movies for free. A range of movies like Legally blond for girl gang time, Agent Cody backs for teenage vibes and classics like Rocky are all available for free, along with many more movies. Another advantage is you can watch all of it on your phone as well because it supports the web browser, Android and iOS models for this feature.

YouTube has around 100 such featured full-length movies available in good quality ranging till HD. However even though they are for free, a few advertisements will pop up from time to time.

3. The Internet Archive:

Like the name rightly suggests, this website comes with a huge database of content which is like a hub for all fans. There is a direct free download link available for a range of movies in categories like horror, crime thrillers, featured, etc. All you need to do is go to the videos section, select movies and start exploring this digital library.

The jungle book, the house on the haunted hill, the phantom of the opera, Dressed to kill and Frankenstein are a few amazing movies you would find. There is also an option to shortlist movies as per their year, genre or language and you can go all the way back to 1920.

4. Sony Crackle:

This platform is owned and run by one of the top runners in the movie business, Sony. The website is free but requires a signup process, which is simple and mandatory for you to start watching but with a few advertisements.

Android and iOS are supported, content like Between brothers, Breaking in and Blue Exorcist are the ones available here which you won’t find on other platforms. It also makes recommendations to ease out the process.

5. Legit torrents:

Unlike Movierulz, 123movies this 100% legal torrents here with more than 3700 options for downloading. The user’s face is clean and sober, there is a separate section for the Top 10 torrents and you also have categorical divisions. So, you can choose your own genre or year and decide on your downloads accordingly.

You will need to select the movies option in the category settings and find a few like the Rising tide, Exhibit A, Outsiders, etc on the list. So go be legit and download whatever, whenever you want.

6. My Download Tube:

This site is like “too good to be true”. The website has access to more than 900 movies, free downloading and with very few advertisements. It has a separate free movies section for you to scroll and also have the option to choose from different genres.

The homepage has the top ranking and latest movies while there are sorting options also available which makes searching absolutely trouble free.

7. Netflix

Netflix is known to be a paid platform with monthly and yearly plans, however, if you are a first-time user, you can access the huge content available at zero cost for a month. The one-month free account allows you to watch and download famous Hollywood movies, Netflix originals as per your own convenience. Also, the user’s face is one of the best and there are hardly any advertisements on the app or web portal, making your experience even better. To get Netflix for free you can use netflix cookies.

Movies like A perfect data, To all the boys I have loved before, Night at the museum, Icarus, To the bone are a few to watch out for. Netflix is one place where you find exclusivity so use the one-month free access plan wisely.

Now that you know where to go looking and how to go looking, go and start downloading! The old, the new, the rare and the common, you will find them all at these websites.. So, Happy Binging!

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