How to Fix Showbox Error Video not Available try Another Server’

Showbox is a popular online movies streaming site among people all over the world. It offers its service for free which makes movie watching a whole lot fun. But with its updated version a lot of the users are facing complications while trying to watch the film through this otherwise amazing site. The updated version asks for Lime Player to be installed using which the movies can be played. Many of us encounter problems while using Showbox nowadays which is quite irritating. To relieve you of your issues while using  showbox, we are going to suggest some simple steps to fix Showbox error ‘video not available try another server’.

We don’t want you to miss the great experience this app offers and that is why we have given some methods through which you can overcome problems like “cannot play this link”, “server not available”.

Steps to fix ‘video not available try another server’ error?

If you have problems like ‘video not available try another server’ while using showbox, then you can try a few ways to solve it. The server you are trying to connect to may be incompatible with the version of Showbox you have installed in your device. So try installing either the latest version or a previous version.

Download and install the latest Showbox version

To install the latest Showbox version, you can follow the steps given below. You may be notified of the update release when you are using the app and you can click on the notification then and there to update the app. But if you have missed it, then

  • In the settings of your device (android or iOS), go to security and enable “unknown sources”.
  • This will allow you to download the apk from other unknown or third party sources.
  • Now, browse your net for the latest version of the app and click on a link you want to proceed with.
  • Then wait for the app to install by clicking “install” a few times.

There you have it. Now you can open the app and see for yourselves that it works perfectly fine. Reinstalling the version in case you already have the latest one can also be done to overcome such errors.

Download and install an older Showbox version

Sometimes the quick fix for such errors is to download and install an older version of the app that you now have.

  • Make sure you know what version you are using by checking the about section of your app.
  • Now browse for an older version and select a preferred link.
  • Start downloading the older version.
  • You have to uninstall the version you have been using first.
  • Now go to the older version and click install.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.

After this, you can start watching your films without any issues on your Showbox app. We believe this article is useful to you and by now, you must know what to do when such issues arises.

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