Showbox Features And How To Use It?

Showbox Features And How To Use It?


One of the things that users of any Smartphone like to do the most (regardless of the operating system they have) is to watch videos, movies and series. But sometimes, this is complicated if you do not have a good application that allows you to download both the movies and the subtitles.

That is why today I want to talk to you about Show Box. This new application allows mobile device users to enjoy their favourite movies and series in streaming and also gives the possibility of downloading them to the mobile phone along with the subtitles to be able to enjoy them at any moment. We will get to know this application a little better below.

What is Showbox?

Let’s start by learning what it is, although at this point, as you imagined it, it is an application that has very similar functions to those of Netflix, but completely free, that is, when you install Show Box on your mobile, you will be able to watch series and movies without having to pay absolutely nothing for it.

The only disadvantage that this application could represent with respect to Netflix is ​​that it is not available in the official Google application store, that is, in the Play Store. This is due to copyright and Google’s policies regarding sharing and downloading this type of content from the internet.

Show Box main features

One of the most important features of this application is that it allows you to stream movie series, and also, it allows you to listen to streaming music. Now, not only can you watch and listen, but you can also download the movies to be able to watch them on your mobile even when you are offline.

It has “favorite” options, which with it you can add your favorite film to a special list to find it anytime. You can also create a list of television series and then download the chapters you want to see.

It also has an option in the downloads menu where you can see those movies or television series that you have previously downloaded, it is worth noting that here you will not see the subtitles, later I will explain how to download the subtitles for your favorite movies and series.

Another option that you find in the main menu of the application is that of updates so that you can always have the most recent version of the application.

How to use show box?

This is very simple and almost intuitive. It is important to clarify that Show Box is not a player in itself. This application is a search engine that allows you to find the best channels found on different servers so that later you can play them with the video player that you have installed on your mobile, the most recommended is VLC for the ease of integrating subtitles and video.

The first thing you should do to find your movies and videos with Show Box is to type in the search engine the name of the movie or series you are looking for, and then the list of matches with your search will appear. Select the one of your preference.

Once you have found your series or movie, you will also see a star in the upper right corner. By marking it, you will be adding this video to your favorites, and you will be able to consult it later at any time.

In the case of the series, when you enter into consulting details, you will see the selection of seasons on the right side and at the bottom the different chapters. To download them, you just have to click on the chapter, and a new window will open.

This window indicates a warning that it should not be closed because the data is being processed. It will close automatically when the process is complete, and you can now proceed to watch or download the chapter of your series (the same happens in the case of movies).

In the next window, you can choose to watch the video or download it in 3 different resolutions. It will also give you the option to download the subtitles, but we will see that later because it is not done within the application itself. By clicking download, the video will be added to the download list.

It is good to clarify that in this case, the download speed will not depend so much on the speed of your internet connection, since it is about P2P files, that is, Peer To Peer and these types of files depend on the availability of other users who are sharing that video.

Download subtitles for your videos in Show Box

Now, I am going to explain to you how to download the subtitles. On the initial screen where you download the video, a subtitles button appears at the bottom. Clicking on it will open a new window where you must provide a username and password because the subtitles are downloaded from an external website is

If you have not registered on the website, then you must go to your browser and open the site and create your user account by clicking on the button that says, Register.

Once you have created your user, the confirmation will appear on the screen, indicating that you have received a verification email in the email with which you have registered.

Later you can go to verify the email that they sent you from opensubtitles, where there will be a link that you must click to validate your subscription.

Once you have registered on the page, you will have a username and password to log in from Show Box. Enter Show Box again and log in with the account you just created, now it will show you a list of languages ​​in which you can find the subtitles. Choose the language of your preference.

Once you select that language, a list of available subtitle files will appear. Try to always choose the one that is most similar to the title and contains the most details of the video file you are downloading.

When you have selected the subtitle file, the window where you had the video available will open again. Now you can see the video by clicking on “Watch Now”, and you will have the possibility to choose the player in which you want to see the video, you just downloaded (remember that Show Box is not a video player).

Recommended apps to use in conjunction with Show Box

Continuing with this process of downloading and viewing videos in Show Box, an essential application that will allow you to enjoy the video you just downloaded and easily associate it with its subtitles is VLC Media Player.

Another application that you will need is a file browser (if you don’t already have it installed) because to play the movie later, you can do it directly from the browser and choosing VLC as the player. Normally the movie and the subtitle are saved in the same file folder, so you will not have to do any additional processes.

When you start playing with VLC, you will see how the subtitles begin to appear at the top of the screen. With this player, you will not have synchronization problems if you have chosen the file correctly when downloading it from Show Box.

Advantages of using Show Box

One of the main advantages of using it is that it is a very intuitive application, that is, it is very easy to use. Another advantage is that it is completely free and is very up-to-date. With it you can find movies that have recently been in theaters with very good quality, unlike other movies that you can get on websites in a very low resolution and with very bad quality audio.

The other advantage is the ease it gives you to download the subtitles, while with other types of similar applications you would have to search for both things separately: video and subtitles, with Show Box, you will have a single site to download the subtitles in which the same application will do the search and will show you all the available options, so you will only have to choose the one that seems best to you or, if you prefer, you will be able to download all the subtitles and try to see which one works best for you at the time of playback.

Don’t confuse Show Box for Android with Showbox Creator Studio Online.

Surely when you go online to find information about this application, you can get one called Showbox Creator Studio. Let me clarify that it is not the same because this is not to view videos or download them but, as its name suggests, it is an application that allows you to edit videos online, in fact, you can differentiate it by the way you write the name.

The application that I have been telling you about during this tutorial that is a kind of free replacement for Netflix is ​​written with the words Show, and Box separated, while the online video editor is written in one word: Showbox. Also, the logo is completely different and colorful.

Additional recommendations for downloading Show Box

It is very important that when you go to download this application, you do it directly from the developers’ website or, failing that, from a certified and recognized download website such as, Show Box for Android, for Windows, and for iOS.

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