Download Showbox for iPhone, iPad (iOS) without Jailbreak

A truly impressive way to download the Showbox for iPhone, iPad, and any iOS gadgets. We’ve explained multiple ways and even no need to jailbreak your device.

“Everything I learned I learned from movies, And Showbox makes it easy to watch”, Showbox is one of the must-have applications of IOS application. Showbox will save you a lot of time that you spend searching for movies.

I always find myself searching for a specific movie to watch, I even spend hours to find that movie for free. Every time I find something I will eventually ask for credit card details or may be full of annoying ads. And I found Moviebox which has a huge library of movies, tv shows, and even the latest trailers. It’s like all the ingredients of the entertainment in one place isn’t this awesome.

Note: I found Showbox when I was using android but when I switched for iPhone I was surprised that it is not available for the IOS, then I have learned that Moviebox is an alias for Showbox. so In this article, I will use Showbox a.k.a Moviebox interchangeably.

I know you can’t resist downloading this to your iPhone or Ipad, but you it’s not that easy as going to an app store and searching for this app and click install, if it is then I don’t need to write this article to help you guys right (lol).

How to download Showbox for iPhone, iPad (iOS)

There are two ways to install Showbox for IOS. The first method is with jailbreak and another one is using Cydia impactor. you can choose whichever works for you but I don’t recommend jailbreak guys. (jailbreaking is privilege escalation for the purpose of removing software restrictions imposed by Apple on iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It typically does this by using a series of kernel patches. Jailbreaking permits root access to iOS, allowing the downloading and installation of additional applications, extension, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store. –Wikipedia.

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How to Install Showbox on iOS Via TUTUAPP (Without Jailbreak)

TUTUAPP is an interface by which you can run a third party application and it is recently updated with brand new User Interface and works in iOS 11. 4,11.4.1 and also include iOS 12.


  • Open Safari Browser and visit
  • Once entered URL, it’ll take you to Homepage and tap on Install now button. Tutuapp Official website
  • Now, tap on InstallInstall Tutuapp
  • While opening TUTUAPP, you may get one pop-up that is Untrusted Enterprise Developer. To resolve pop-up Settings —>> General —>> Profile & Device Management —>> ENTERPRISE APP — >> Trust.Trust Tutuapp
  • Now go back to TUTUAPP and search for MOVIE BOX PRO/Showbox.Install Showbox on iOS, iPhone, iPad Using Tutuapp
  • Click on MovieBox Pro and install it.
  • While opening MovieBox, again you’ll get Untrusted Enterprise Developer. To resolve pop-up Settings —>> General —>> Profile & Device Management —>> ENTERPRISE APP — >> APP.
  • Again go back to Showbox/ MovieBox and open it.
  • Here, you can see MovieBox/Showbox streaming on your iOS Device.

Download the Showbox app on iOS Using AppValley (No Jailbreak)

AppValley: AppVally is an external iOS store and used to download and install cracked apps, tweaks, games, and utilities. Installing Showbox via AppValley is the easiest and simplest way. No Sideloading and no Jailbreak.

  • Open your Safari Browser and visit Official Website
  • Once you get to the home page of AppValley, tap on Install AppValley.
  • Now pop-up will be appeared by saying would like to install “AppValley”, tap on Install.Install Appvalley
  • After installation, Go to home screen and find AppVally.
  • Try to open AppVally and it’ll trigger a dialogue box(Untrusted Enterprise Developer). 
  • To avoid dailogue box, Settings —>> General —>> Profile & Device Management —>> ENTERPRISE APP — >> AppValley.Trust the Appvalley and install profile
  • Now tap on AppValley app, Thus AppVally has been installed on your iOS.
  • Open the AppValley and search for Showbox/MovieBoxPro.

Install Showbox on iOS via Appvalley Store

  • Once you find the Showbox or Moviebox Pro, tap on a Get and then Install.How to Install Showbox from Appvalley
  • After the installation, as it is not a trusted application, you need to give trusted permissions for this certificate by going Settings —>> General —>> Profile & Device Management —>> ENTERPRISE APP — >> APP.
  • Now go back to the home screen again and open the Showbox application.

You’re good to go now, enjoy watching your favorite Movies and TV shows on iOS with the help of Showbox.

Install Showbox on iOS Via TweakBox (No Jailbreak needed)

Installing Showbox on iOS without Jailbreak is as simple as such if you follow the below guide. Since there are many methods available in the market to install iOS without Jailbreak. But, I’ll explain to you the best possible ways to get it done, it’s your choice to select one among them.

Install TweakBox Store

  • TweakBox is apps store, by which you can download Showbox application
  • Open your Safari Browser and enter Tweakbox official website

Note: Make sure that, need to download the app from Safari Browser only not from Google Chrome.

  • Once get on to the site, you’ll find download app option, just click on it.
  • After that, it’ll ask you to allow the installation by clicking ‘Allow’.Allow Tweakbox
  • It will be redirected to install its profile. Click on Install and then Done.Install Tweakbox profile
  • Now go to the home screen, there you’ll find TweakBox installed on iOS.

Install Showbox Using Tweakbox Store

  • Open Tweakbox app and go to APPS section.
  • Go to Tweabox apps and scroll down all the way to find Showbox/MovieBoxPro.Install Showbox on iPhone using Tweakbox Store
  • Click on Showbox and tap on install, it’ll start installing on your iOS.
  • Now you’re good to go for open up Showbox/MovieBoxPro.Play Showbox Movies on iOS

This is all about how to run Showbox on your iOS without Jailbreaking. It is the best practice as I wish to recommend to you. Above methods are tested and working fine for me.

Some older iOS Versions may not support for the installation of Showbox without Jailbreaking.

However, I would like to let you know another way of installing Showbox, i.e, with Jailbreaking your iOS device.

As I mentioned earlier, Jailbreaking is a privilege where you’ll be given permissions to install external applications which are not available in the Apple App Store. 

2. Download and Install Showbox on iPhone with Jailbreak

Jailbreak method requires Cydia application. Go to Safari Browser and download Cydia.

  • To install Showbox on iOS, first, you need to open the Cydia app.
  • In Cydia app, at the bottom, you’ll see many tabs. Tap on ‘Sources’.
  • On the top right corner of the ‘Sources’ page, click on ‘Edit’
  • Once you click on Edit, you’ll find all available Cydia Sources. To add a new source, tap on ‘Add’ which is at top-left position.
  • After that one pop-up window will come and it’ll ask you to ‘Enter Cydia/APT URL’, in that you need to provide a URL of Cydia/APT Repo. Once you gave URL, click on ‘Add Source’.

URL of Cydia/APT Repo:

  • Now you can find that Repo has been added to Cydia Sources
  • Go to Cydia main interface, and in search box type Showbox/MovieBoxPro.
  • In the list of Search results, choose any one of them as per your requirement. And after that tap on ‘Install’.
  • Give some time for the installation, Now you go to the home screen and find that Showbox has been installed on your iOS.

Please use this method when the first method doesn’t work for you or can’t support without jailbreak.

Wrap Up

Our two methods clearly explained that Showbox can be installed on iOS with or without jailbreak. We don’t recommend a jailbreaking method for your safety and please use only without jailbreak.

I hope you people installed the Showbox on your iOS gadgets like iPhone X, 7, 6S,6, 5, 5S and iPad. If you’re facing any difficulty while trying any method, please do write in the comment box. We will try to help you. We value your feedback and comments. Thanks for Reading !!!

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