Download BeeTV APK v2.5.5 (Official) – [Direct UPDATED VERSION]

BeeTV apk is an important tool for watching movies with this apk its easy nowadays, but what to choose is difficult. But most of the time, watching movies online is a messy experience. And that is because of the ads and low-quality videos.Beetv is an alternative of showbox apk And if you want to get rid of ads and want to enjoy the latest movies in HD quality, you have to subscribe for the premium video streaming platforms like Netflix.BeeTV (Official) | Download BeeTV APK Android, iOS & FireStick

But look no further. With BeeTV apk, you can enjoy the latest movies and TV shows on your Mobile device or any other TV devices. This can be the reason that it is getting more popular day by day. You can find BeeTV on any app store like Google Play Store or Apple app store. So, you can only see this here.

You may know that showbox apk is one if the best known app for movies bu may think that why should I choose BeeTV. Here are some of the significant features of this streaming app that can allure you to use this.

Some Notable Features of BeeTV

  • BeeTV has high-quality Movies, and TV shows streaming. You can choose the video resolution that you want to see.
  • It has a huge collection of Movies and TV series. You can search in the millions of movies collection in the knowledge base.
  • You don’t have to subscribe or don’t have to make an account for watching movies on BeeTV.
  • It has a fantastic user-interference that most of the streaming website lacks.
  • No matter, if you are going to install beeTV on Android or any TV, the app is very lightweight. So, if you own a low-end device, you can still enjoy movies on this device.
  • For the TVs and smart books, beeTV supports the Chromecast. So you can have easy compatibility with most of the devices and TVs out there.
  • If you are worried about the ads, let me overwhelm you that beeTV has a minimal number of ads.
  • This is my favorite feature, and that is, you can download the video for offline use. And not only that, but you can also save it in your local storage to send that to some other place.

Is BeeTV Legal?

This is a million-dollar question that it is legal or not. But it is not a video hosting or streaming platform, and that is because it is a web scraper and finds the movies and videos from all over the web. So, we cannot give a verdict that it is legal or not. If the BeeTV is crawling the legitimate website and getting copyright-free content that it is legal. But if it is scrapping the videos from some illegal sources like torrents, then it is unlawful to use BeeTV. So, you should be aware of the laws in your country or area. If there is a law against you, then you can use the VPN to watch movies and TV series.

BeeTV on Android, iOS, Firestick, PC, and Android Box

Name of the ApplicationBeeTV
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Firestick, Smart TV, PC
Last UpdatedSeptember 2020
Latest Version v2.5.5
Visit the Community PageBeeTV
CategoryEntertainment (Movies & TV Shows)
RatingHigh rated app

How to install BeeTV in different devices?

You can install the BeeTV in different devices quickly. Here is a full guide of installing the BeeTV on different devices.

Download and install BeeTV in Android devices

Android is the most popular platform on which BeeTV is installed and used. The application cannot be installed directly from the Google Play store. But don’t you bother, because you can easily download the beeTV apk from here. Here is the complete procedure to download and install the app correctly.

  • Download the app from here.
  • Go to settings and navigate to the security settings.
  • Look for the settings “Allow install from the unknown sources.”
  • Turn that on.
  • Now install the apk package that you have downloaded.
  • You can now use the app.
  • Once installed, you can watch movies and TV series without making any account or something like that.

You can see a lot of categories to search for the movies for your weekend. You can find types like trending, new, famous, etc. After selecting the film, you can then choose between video resolutions to watch from.

Downloading and installing BeeTV on Android TV

Android TV is trending. Many people nowadays watch movies and play games on Android TV. Fortunately, you can install BeeTV on your Android TV too. Android TV has almost the same interference as the Android mobile phone; thus, the installation procedure is also the same. Follow the guide to install BeeTV on Android TV.

  • Download BeeTV apk and using any external storage transfer that apk file to your Android TV’s local storage.
  • Using the TV remote, go to the Android TV settings.
  • In the settings, change the Unknown sources to allow.
  • Now press the home button and come back to the Home of the menu.
  • Here you have to go to the File manager.
  • In the file manager, find the BeeTV apk file that you have downloaded and transferred.
  • Click on install and complete the installation procedure.
  • Once installed, you can see the BeeTV icon on the home screen.
  • Click on the icon, and you are ready to use BeeTV.
  • After installation, you can delete the beeTV.apk file from the local storage of your Android TV.

How to install BeeTV on your iOS device? (iPhone or iPad)

Downloading and installing the BeeTV app on an iOS device is not straightforward, but it is not difficult either. We cannot provide you the direct BeeTV app file for iOS as we have provided for the Android. But we are providing you the link to download AppValley that is a 3rd party store, and you can directly download BeeTV and hundreds of other such apps from there.

Here is the complete procedure to download the BeeTV app on your iOS device.

  • Download Appvalley from here.
  • After downloading, install the app, and don’t forget to add the Appvalley in the trust list.
  • Now search for the BeeTV app in the Appvalley store.
  • Install the BeeTV app directly from there.
  • Congrats! Now you can enjoy countless movies and TV series on your iPhone or iPad.

The categories scheme and the app quality is much better on iOS. You can feel more smoothness and better interference on your iOS device.

How to download and install BeeTV on your Pc, laptop, or Mac?

Why only the phone users have all the fun? Pc is the most powerful and versatile machine yet, so there is a way to install and use beeTV on your PC or Mac. The best part of using beeTV on a laptop or mac is that you can enjoy your favorite movies on a much bigger screen thus can enjoy the cinema-like experience with your family, and that is also free of cost. Here is the extensive guide to install BeeTV on your PC, laptop or mac computer.

  • No matter, you are using a Windows computer or Mac, you have to use the BeeTV with the help of an Android emulator. Fortunately, both the machine can run this Android Emulator, so the procedure for both Mac and PC is the same for downloading and installing the BeeTV.
  • Download Bluestack 4 or other Android Emulator in your mac or Pc. You can use any android emulator, but this one is much better, and it can be used for both of the machines.
  • After downloading the Android emulator, install it.
  • Run the Android emulator and sign in with your Google account, you can also make a new one.
  • After completing the initial processes, now you have to let the apps and play store update for a while.
  • Now download the BeeTV apk file from here.
  • Go to the settings in the Android emulator and navigate to the security settings. Look for the parameters of the Unknown source and turn it to allow.
  • Now install the apk file that you have downloaded, you can find the data in the file manager in the download section.
  • After installing the app, now you can see the beeTV icon on the homepage of your Android emulator.
  • Click on that and start enjoying movies on a bigger screen and more features like fewer ads.

Install BeeTV on Amazon Firestick/ Fire TV

Amazon Fire Stick is very popular in America. Thus we came up with a straightforward and quick guide to download and install BeeTV on your Fire TV using multiple methods. Choose the way that you like and seems easy for you. Before applying any technique, you have to change some security settings like we used to do on our Android. Here is the procedure to change the settings.

  • First of all, you have to open the settings of your Firestick/Fire TV that you can find in the main menu.
  • In the settings navigate to My TV or device, here you have to click on the Developer options.
  • Look for the option Apps from Unknown Sources, now turn that on.
  • Now you can install the app from unknown sources.

Here are the two methods that you can use to install the app in your Firestick/Fire TV.

  1. Developer application method
  2. ES explorer method.

1.  Installing BeeTV from Developer Application

In this method, you have to install the helper application first that will allow you to install other apps in your Firestick/Fire TV. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Go to the foremost menu of your Firestick/Fire TV and then search for the term Developer Application.
  • To identify the exact app, you can refer to the image below.
  • After installing the app, you can see a message saying you own it. This means that the application has been installed, and you can use it freely.
  • Now launch the application. Right after starting, this app will ask you for the storage permission. Allow that to proceed.
  • Now from the left sidebar, you have to select Home. Thus you can enter the URL in the place. Enter the URL or this website there and hit enter.
  • Now the BeeTV apk file will be installed. And you can use it to watch movies and TV shows.
  • After installation, delete the apk file.
  • Now in Your Apps and Channels, you can see the BeeTV app.

2.  Installing Firestick & Fire TV using the ES Explorer method.

This method is quite similar to the Developer application method. But instead of that, we use ES explorer application. Here is the procedure to follow.

  • Go to the foremost menu of your Firestick/Fire TV and search for the app ES explorer.
  • Find the app, download and install it.
  • Launch ES explorer now. This is a file manager application, but you can practice the same method here also that we tried in developer applications.
  • On the left side of the table, you can scroll down to look for the tools Click on that.
  • In the Tool menu, look for the Download manager.
  • Open that. Now in the path, enter the URL of this website. And set a name. Now click on download.
  • The download will be started, and after a while, you will see the installation screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Now you can use BeeTV on your Firestick/Fire TV.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is BeeTV? 

Ans: This is a Movies and TV shows streaming app with a massive collection from all over the globe, so you don’t have to search for that individual.

2) Does BeeTV APK allow users to download movies?

Ans: yes, you can get without any limitation fees or subscription.

3) Does the BeeTV app affect the functioning of Android devices?

Ans: No, it is safe. You don’t have to annoy about the security of the app. Moreover, it is also lightweight.

Q4. Does the BeeTV app have a subtitle section?

Ans: yes, BeeTV does have a subtitle section that can be used according to your desire.


There are dozens of streaming apps out there, but there are a lot of security risks involved with them. But with BeeTV, you can watch movies with full confidence and fear of any illegal term. No matter which device you are utilizing, you can download and use BeeTV on that. Most of the tools do not support the BeeTV directly, but what we do is the installation of an android emulator and then run the BeeTV apk file on that.

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