Top 7 Apps Like Showbox Alternative of 2021 {Showbox Alternative)

Top 7 Apps Like Showbox Alternative of 2021 {Showbox Alternative)


Film making has become a big industry in our world and is popular than any other art form due to its adaptability to new age technology. People have started seeking their relaxation from internet rather than from going out for finding relaxation and fun. Movie makers have started exploiting this change in people’s mindset and are now producing large amounts of engaging contents than ever before. Along with the rise in the number of movies, there is also an increase in the number of online movie streaming apps.

While apps like Amazon offer their service for a fee, there are many apps which offer online movie streaming for free. One such app is Showbox. It is famous among people for its quality and its wide collection of movies. However, there are many other alternative apps like Showbox which provide their users with great experience while watching films. Here are the top 7 apps which are our pick among the other Showbox alternatives for android.


Suitable for android version 4.1 and above, Viewster offers a variety of content including sci-fi movies, nerdy documentaries, fun filled anime and cult films. The app is free and requires no sign in. you have the watch later option where you can save your favorite show for watching another time. You may have to tolerate the ads shown during the streaming but the quality makes it worthy of our tolerance.


Hulu is a great streaming service which updates its content frequently. You can watch movies and TV shows with Hulu on your android mobile without any trouble. It has a vast library of films, TV shows of different genres which makes this app a great pick. You can even resume your watching from the point where you discontinued watching it in another device.

Popcorn time

Popcorn time is another alternative to Showbox which provides loads of entertaining films and shows. We can modify its settings very easily and the quality of films is very good. The films have subtitles and you can even connect your smart TV with it. Android, iOS, linux operating systems are supported by this awesome app.

Terrarium TV

Being the closest thing that you can find to Showbox app, Terrarium offers a wide variety of content for free. It has a very friendly user interface and streams you high quality films by searching the internet and providing the links for them. You can visit their official site to know more about them and download the app which is specifically designed to support android devices alone.


Crackle is a legal movie streaming service offered by Sony. It can be downloaded for free from the play store and has many original content and favourite shows produced by Sony. Since it is a legal service and it is provided for free, it is highly popular and more than 20 million people use it to watch films and shows. With features like save later and add your own subtitles, the only downside is the ads shown while watching films.

Cinema box

If you want to watch and download HD quality movies with subtitles in an app supporting cross platform, then cinema box is for you. The site is often updated to give you latest contents and the availability of kid mode has taken the app up an notch. If you have youngsters in your home and concerned about what they should be watching, then go with Cinema box.

Mega box HD

A perfect alternative for Showbox, Mega box HD has a simple to handle interface. It offers a large number of movies and TV shows which are categorized to make our search easier. Its brilliant performance makes it a not to be missed app.

Does Torrent are considered legal?

The copyrighted torrent material is considered a violation of the anti-piracy law in most countries.

Download or distribute intellectual property without proper licenses are usually illegal. The government does not have the ability to monitor all torrenting activities, so some countries are trying to block torrenting services at all.

That’s exactly what happens to the showbox. The popularity of services makes it a target for film studios, film producers and government actors.

Due to extensive legal restrictions on torrenting, it is important for you to use VPN to protect your identity and maintain your online activities anonymously. Using VPN will cover your location every time you enter.

Why do you need to use VPN when torrenting

There is a risk that comes with a torrent. The most obvious risk is the legality of the torrent, but there is also the possibility that you can mistakenly download viruses or malware while trying to watch your favorite shows.

It is important to understand how VPN makes you safe before you start using the alternative showbox.

VPN keeps your personal data protected when you browse web and torrent files, or even when you watch streaming content.

Here are some reasons why you should use VPN:

1. Avoid geographical restrictions on torrents

Your country may have decided to ban your favorite torrent site. You can bypass this limitation using VPN. VPN will cover your IP address and move your web traffic to a remote server, which effectively changes your IP and allows you to access blocked content.

When you use VPN, make sure you choose a server located in a country where your torrent service is not blocked. In addition to giving you access to the Torrenting site, VPNS also allows you to access other web content that has been blocked in your country.

2. Avoid legal supervision

When you don’t use VPN, your IP address is available for almost everyone to see online. That means your ISP and third parties can see your search history. These parties can change your search history to government actors.

VPN allows you to maintain your location and identity anonymously so that you can torrent without fear of legal supervision.

3. Don’t let third parties see your online activities

Similar to the last points, there are third parties and even supervision companies that explore the web for user data such as search activities. These third parties may want to sell your data, or they might want to use your personal data for their own Nefarious purposes.

VPNS encrypts all information that moves through the connection to a remote server and returns to your device. This makes your online activities impossible for ISPs or third parties to track.

4. Stay anonymously online

If you use a torrent site, you might download and upload files. If you don’t use VPN while doing this, other users can see your IP address and can try targeting you with a virus or malware attack.

VPN makes you stay safe when torrenting, and the only IP address that looks will be a remote server given to you. It foiled hackers who wanted to get your personal data.

Best VPN for torrenting

Even though VPN is free offers anonymity online, they are often too slow to watch movies or download files while traveling.

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