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Amazon Prime Video – You all most probably know about the Amazon Prime Membership as it is gained a lot of popularity over the years. Almost all of the US and millions of other individuals from all around the world user are subscribed to it but they are still missing out a lot. Most users only know about the basic features of the Amazon Prime Membership and they fail to take advantage of the rest of the features that are available to them free of cost as they are included in the membership.

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All you need to know about Amazon Prime Video

Don’t want to go grocery shopping? Hit Amazon Fresh! Want to schedule a delivery? Use Amazon Day. But these are just the basic perks that come with the membership. The best out of all, which most people forget to check out, is the Prime Video feature which is a video streaming service that gives you access to hundreds and thousands of TV shows and movies.

Don’t know about it? Well, not to worry because if you are subscribed to the Amazon Prime Membership then you automatically have free access to the Prime Video feature which is the home for individuals looking to binge watch TV shows and catch up with their friends. So let us go ahead and look at the Prime Video feature in detail.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming service that comes with your Amazon Prime Membership. It works much similar to Netflix but since you have already paid for the membership thus you don’t need to bear any extra cost for the Prime Video service. The service offers you a wide range of collection of TV shows and movies so you can easily choose the ones that you like.

The service works in two ways. Some of the content included in the service is totally free and you can access it whenever you like free of cost such as the Amazon Original TV shows and movies but some portion of the content comes at a cost. There is a rent or buy feature included in the service that allows you to access movies and TV shows episodes that are not included in the Amazon Prime Video service. You can get access to new movies and the episodes the very next day that they aired.

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Not only that but it also comes with the Prime Video Channel feature. You can subscribe to the service at an additional cost and access over 100 premium channels. This means that you won’t need a cable to access channels anymore. You can simply log in to your Amazon Prime Membership on your device and watch whatever you wish.

Overall the Amazon Prime Video service has gotten a great response from the users as it gives you everything under the same platform. From a free collection of movies and TV shows to paid access to TV channels, we definitely consider it a great service.

What can you watch?

Now the question is what can you watch on Amazon Prime Video? Well, to be direct and straightforward we would say almost anything that you wish. As a Prime Member, you have access to movies and TV shows that are included in the membership. So the original TV shows aired by Amazon are very much at your disposal free of cost.

But if you are looking from premium channels like HBO, CBS and etc. then you will need to subscribe to the Amazon Prime Video Channels. This feature very much works like regular TV. You can simply log in and go back and forth in between the 100 premium channels that are available to you just like you to on your regular TV cable.

Diversity is one of the main reasons why many users tend to get attached to Prime Video. You can find genres ranging from romantic comedies to favorite old-time classics. You have access to both unique and original content just like Netflix. So get your membership now and find out what you have been missing out for so long.

Features of Amazon Prime Video


Prime Video is a streaming service but unlike many others, it offers a wide collection of premium features as well that make it worth the investment. Some of the most basic and alluring features that users tend to look for are included in the Prime Video service. So let us go ahead and look at them in detail.

  • 4K Ultra HD

No more blurred and unclear videos for you anymore because the Prime Video service offers 4K Ultra HD streaming to its users. This means that you can easily watch TV shows and movies on your living room screens without actually getting distorted images.

  • High Dynamic Range

Low-quality videos often tend to get all messed up on big screens as there is an imbalance in the contrast. But with the Prime Video’s High Dynamic Range feature at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about it ever again. It goes hand in hand with the 4K feature and heightens the dynamics of the picture that is displayed on your screen – a balance contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks.

  • Mobile Downloads

This is definitely the best feature offered by Prime Video. Instead of watching TV shows and movies at the spot, you can download them and save them for offline streaming in your app. This means that you can download the episodes from your favorite TV shows and watch them while you are on the go and don’t have access to the internet.

But remember that the downloads only remain for a certain period of time and disappear once that time limit is hit so watch it before that or you will have to download it again. The time limit for each video varies based in the type of content that you are viewing and some of it is even restricted in certain geographical locations even with the VPN on so make sure to keep that in mind before you plan on watching the downloads in another country.

  • X-Ray

Since Amazon owns IMDB thus it provides a very unique feature called the X-ray to the users. The feature provides you access to the cast information, trivia about the show or movie, featured music, behind the scenes, backstories and etc. You can even lookup this information while you are watching the video or even before to find out more about the show or movie that you are watching. Simply click the remote option and you can get access to all the information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that most users often tend to ask so if you have any of these questions, we hope that you find your answers here.

Which devices can you watch Prime Video on? 

The Prime Video service is compatible with your Fire TV, streaming media players, Smart TV, tablets and iPads, Smartphones and laptops and even your gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. In short, you can stream unlimited TV shows and movies almost on any device.

How much does Amazon Prime video cost?

Prime Video itself doesn’t anything since it is an added feature to your Amazon Prime Membership. So the content that is included in the Prime Video will be available to you free of cost. But if you want to access the content which is not included in the Prime Video service and comes under the ‘rent or buy’ service then you will have to pay a certain amount. The same is the case with Prime Video Channels.

Is Prime video included in Amazon Prime?

Yes, Prime Video service is included in Amazon Prime Membership which is why it is free of cost. You can access it by simply logging in to your Prime account on your device without any hassle and stream unlimited TV shows and movies from the vast collection that is included in Prime Video.

What can I watch for free on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime comes with multiple features and one of them is Prime Video. It is a streaming service that is free of cost. You can watch Amazon Original TV shows and movies along with others that are added to the Prime Video service. Everything that doesn’t fall under the ‘buy or rent’ option is free to watch.

Is Amazon Prime video free for 30 days?

Yes, Amazon Prime Video service comes with a free trial period of 30 days. Once you sign up for the Amazon Prime Membership, you get a free 30-day trial period during which you enjoy the same benefits as the paid members including the Prime Video service. You will need a current valid credit card to sign up for it though but no amount will be charged until your trial period expires.

Final Words

If movies and TV shows are your way of relaxing and killing time then we suggest that you get the Amazon Prime Membership to enjoy free access to TV shows and movies. Instead of going with the pirated sites that can get you in trouble and only offer low-quality videos, get hooked with Prime Video to enjoy 4K Ultra HD experience in your very own living room.

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