7+ Free TV Streaming Sites to watch TV Shows Online 2019

7+ Free TV Streaming Sites to watch TV Shows Online 2019

7+ Free TV Streaming Sites to watch TV Shows Online 2019

As life gets tough, competition in work increases and adulthood strikes, there is one thing that saves the human mind, Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. You could talk about having a TV show marathon, watching a single episode per day during lunch or just have a weekend sitcom session with friends. It’s a stress buster and mood lifter.

However, to stream those TV shows or movies for your plans, you need a service. Now, services like Netflix or Amazon Prime are chargeable and the amount isn’t exactly very low. And let’s get practical, not every time it’s feasible to pay the hefty amount that it demands. So, for the rescue we all need a list of free TV streaming website services so that you can access as many shows as you want to, wherever and whenever.



hotstar app


It was launched in early 2015 by Star India which is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company India with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Best feature: Possibly the largest collection of Bollywood movies and Hindi TV shows. It also does not require basic ‘sign in’ to watch free content. There are a lot of videos of English shows and movies available as well.

Drawbacks: Lack of clarity due to scattered view of shows. Moreover, it has most of the latest shows like the Game of Thrones Season 8 available under its premium plan which is chargeable. Also, some videos may not be available in the best 1080p quality.


Youtube app


Based in California, it was founded by three PayPal employees and was later purchased by Google in late 2006. It is now operating now as Google’s subsidiaries.

Best feature: Considering it’s existence for the longest period of time, YouTube hosts a lot of content. There are various news or comedy channels that post their episodes or full video content on YouTube. You can access to all it for free.

Drawbacks: Sometimes, a lot of free content available on YouTube might be illegal or have copyright issues and should not be accessed. One needs to get a prior check before watching them. Moreover, YouTube launched its own Premium service recently making most of the upcoming or original content chargeable.

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Sony Pictures entertainment founded it in 2007, based in California, United States.

Best feature: You get access to mostly all Sony and extended Columbia production movies which are usually difficult to find on other streaming services. Moreover, you don’t need to sign up to watch anything. It’s your choice if you want to sign up to keep a track of your watch history.

Drawbacks: It is only available in the US so you won’t be able to access the above link if you are in Europe or Asia. It also hosts various advertisements interrupting your TV show every once in a while



Founded in 2014, the company behind it is Adrise along with investments from multiple companies.

Best feature: Highly extensive in its availability of content and to both Android and iOS softwares. It has categorical division of its content into heads like Drama, romance etc for easy surfing and watching. Also, you need not mandatorily need a sign up or registration.

Drawbacks: Advertisements appear very frequently. Sometimes, advertisements interrupt at every 15-20 mins intervals which hinders your whole movie experience. Moreover, the website has a dark theme which some people might not be comfortable in viewing.

Yahoo View


Initially founded as Yahoo!Video in 2006, got relaunched as Yahoo!Screen in 2011 but ended its journey in 2016. Verizon Media Group (Yahoo) then partnered with Hulu to start Yahoo!View in August 2016.

Best feature: Since it is a tie-up between Yahoo and Hulu, one can access almost all the content that was earlier available for free on Hulu’s streaming service in the past. This is also one of the very few website like MovieRulz where you can find various classic TV shows and kids movies, all in one place. You get latest episodes of shows from channels like ABC or NBC too!

Drawbacks: Lack of good category and genre wise division makes it difficult and time taking for a user to find their desired TV show or content.





It is under the public domain and any further information is currently unavailable.

Best feature: This is the place to be if you are a fan of classic movies or have a kid that enjoys cartoon shows. It is under the public domain and is very easy to navigate through. Moreover it has a neat interface for user benefit.

Drawbacks: There is a lack of new content since their focus is on classic movies and shows. It reduces the availability of shows for choice among viewers.

Pluto TV



Based in Los Angeles, it has Tom Ryan as its founder and CEO. They’ve partnered with multiple television channels, published and digital media companies to develop their website to be one of the best.

Best feature: This website is like a free navigating destination. You can flip through almost 100 live TV channels each of which have their own set of shows. It loads fast and is hassle free. This makes it one of the few places with a very vast content base.

Drawbacks: There isn’t a list or viewing of the content available on the website. You have to continuously navigate and check for yourself. Moreover, the content available is not constant. It varies with time and there might be something which was available today and would not be available tomorrow.

Well, there is the list that you need before you start streaming and enjoying your day off. The good news is most these websites are available all the time and  is also available in an App for. There are a few other websites like CW seed, Yidio and snagfilms that you could access if you want anything specific and cannot find it in the websites mentioned above. Happy streaming!

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