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No doubt, watching movies on the internet is free, but when it comes to Quality movies and TV Shows, you have to pay for video streaming subscriptions like Netflix and HBO etc. But do you know that you can watch free latest movies on your Android device? Yen! Now you can. We come up with a fantastic android application named 123movies, which has a massive collection of movies, and TV shows that you can view online. Not only that, but you can also download the videos to watch them offline. So 123movies is a complete package that can provide you with entertainment for free on your handset.

Moreover, you can also enjoy movies and T.V. series on the web version. For that, you have to access the site on your Web Browser, whether it is on your mobile device or computer.123movies

What is 123movies?

123Movies is a website that allows you to watch premium movies online without any charges. You can decide the quality of the video too. But if you are an Android user, next you can download 123movies app to watch movies and Tv shows and series right on your phone, without any hazel or monthly fees.

So, what will be your reaction to this fantastic opportunity to download and stream movies wherever and whenever you want? All you need to have a good internet connection and you are good to go.


The following are some of the significant features of 123movies.

  • Free to use.
  • Watch your favourite movies and Tv shows online. You can also download them to view offline.
  • Best user interference.
  • Very few or no ads at all. Almost all the movie streaming websites flood your browser with ads and viruses, but this is not the case with 123movies. You get a clean, user-friendly interference.
  • Fantastic search engine to search on the bases of some beautiful genres. You can also search based on the Year of release and ratings.
  • 99% uptime for the servers. 123movies make sure that the users get the 100% uptime by allowing them to access a maximum number of servers for a single movie.
  • No restrictions or credit cards. You don’t have to pay at any stage. You also don’t need to provide credit card information. Just open the website or app and start enjoying your favourite movie.
  • Get help choosing movies to watch. With thousands of options available, you may get confused while selecting the film, but with the alluring categories provided by the site, you can easily choose the movie for tonight.
  • No signup required. Most of the movie streaming sites ask you to make an account after you have spent hours to search for the film; it is annoying. But with this site, you are free to watch the shows without any restrictions on making an account.

How to access 123Movies

You may be thinking that, Okay dude, I got it that 123movies is best in the industry, but how to access that?

Well, there are two ways to access 123movies.

On the computer

If you want to access the site on your browser of the phone or computer, you need to visit the website. As the site may be banned in your country or area, you can access the site using the links below. There are called proxy sites. These are all links. They are updated and working.

  1. 123moviesgot.com
  2. is123moviesfree.com
  3. 123movies.domains
  4. 123movieshd.be
  5. 123movieshub.info

On your Android devices

You can also use the above process to access the site on your android device, but if you want to make the thing handy, then you can download the 123movies apk and install it. After installing, you can enjoy all the features on your android device.

To download the latest version of the android app, you need to allow the installation first. First of all, go to Settings, Privacy settings and then Allow from unknown sources. After downloading the app, install it. Now you can see other features like Watch online or download the movies or TV series in a few taps.


How to use 123Movies?

Well, it is not difficult at all to use the 123movies website, but here are some quick instructions for you. If you want to use the site on your computer, then here are the steps that you have to follow.

  • Go to the website, if the website is unable to open, then select any proxy site from the above list and open the site.
  • Make sure that the browser you are using is JavaScript enabled because that is necessary to play online videos.
  • Once the website is open, you will have a simple page, in which you can see a search bar in the middle of the page. If you are looking for a specific movie, then search that in the box, and you will be taken to the movie information page. Click on the download button and download the video.
  • But if you want to explore the latest movies or concerning the genres or other categories, then on the home page, click on the Old website button, and then you will be taken to the old interference of the website. Here you can explore thousands of movies and T.V. shows.
  • Now you can click on any movie, and then you can watch that online, or you can download that.
  • For watching movies online, you can choose between many servers, so that if you are watching a super hit film and the server gets down, you still have plenty of servers to choose from.

For Android:

If you want to use 123movies on your regular internet browser, then the method is the same as for computers. But if you have downloaded and installed the app, then things get a little bit changed. After installing the app, open it. And you can see a list of movies in front of you. On the left corner, there is a menu button that you can use to navigate between different genres and featured movies list. You don’t have to create an account for the android devices too. The best part of the Android device application is that you can download the movies right in your app and can watch videos while travelling, hanging out, or wherever you are.

How to download from 123Movies?

For the web version, you cannot download movies directly. You have to use some download manager that capture the downloads from browsers. Otherwise, you can watch your favorite videos, and T.V. shows online.

If you have the 123movies app, then you can download the movies right in your device. You have to tap the download button under the movie description. But you cannot play the film outside the app. This means that you have to watch the movie in the app. don’t worry, and the app has a pretty good video player. You will enjoy watching within the app.

How to search for the top movies?

One of the best features of 123movies is its category section. You can choose from several options to select movies and TV shows. If you want to search for the top films and T.V. shows, then you can tap on Featured videos. Moreover, the top videos are always on the homepage. You can also judge by the ratings given on the movie description.

Is 123Movies safe to use?

No doubt, 123movies have millions of visitors and users per month, but it does not mean that it is safe to use. If you are using the site on your web browser, then there is an excellent chance that you land on a clone page, where you cannot download the movies. Still, you will end up filling your Pc with viruses and affiliate software that will control your browser and computer activities.

The worst part of the web version is that you cannot watch movies while enabling your ad blocker. So, watching movies on 123movies is always a risky business. The mobile app has a lot fewer ads; thus, you can enjoy your favorite movies on mobile without any interruptions.

Is 123Movies Legal to use?

The answer to this question is also a BIG NO. You can use 123movies on your own risk. The reason that it is illegal is its pirated content. In this era of the torrent, we are so much unaware of the pirated policies in our country. Do you know that you can get to jail while watching or sharing pirated content?

For safety, you can use good VPN and sandbox, so that you may not get infected by the virus nor by the law enforcement agencies of your country.

Should I use 123Movies?

It is totally up to you. We will NEVER recommend using the website, as it promotes the pirated and illegal content. Moreover, it is not safe to visit the site on your personal computer because we have received a lot of hijacking and hacking reports from all over the world. They described that they use 123movies websites, and after that, their computer started unusual behavior.


Knowing that the 123movies promotes pirated content and also not safe for computer, you can still use the website with proper security measures like using the VPN and Sandbox. If you want to use the app for 123movies, then make sure that what kind of permissions you are giving to the app. And avoid opening any links redirected by the app.

Happy Movie night.

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